Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Sailboat Shopping Season

J/111 speedster- sailing fast downwind (The World)- While our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are "simply messing around on their boats" in the height of "Mid-summer series" and having a ball, their northern neighbors are still feeling like they're either living in an icebox or on the verge of becoming Eskimos themselves.  Nevertheless, since most all northern "winter" boatshows are indoors (other than SoCal & Florida), it's a great time to get out and socialize with friends and take a look at some of the latest J's that are making headlines around the globe.  Here's a shortlist for you globe-trotting J sailors to consider visiting in the near future:

San Diego Sunroad Boat Show- from Jan 26-29, the southern California J/Dealer JK3 Yachts will be showcasing an exciting lineup of new boats at the upcoming San Diego Boat Show. Come by the show to see the J/95 and for info on the new J/70 – the latest hotrod from J/Boats. Please note, JK3 is hosting a reception on Sunday for J/Boat Owners, Fans and Friends as well.  For more info contact JK3 at ph- 619-224-6200, email- or   For more Sunroad Boatshow information

Strictly Sail Chicago- from Jan 26-29 at Navy Pier- the J/111 on display is an example of the boat that dominated the two Mackinac Races this past year in 2011.  Also, please visit J/105 Fleet 5- Lake Michigan at Booth #204E where J/105 fleet members will be happy to discuss with you the virtues of low-key, fun J/105 class participation.  Please be sure to contact Richard Stearns at Stearns Boating- ph-312-994-9153 or email-   For more Chicago Strictly Sailboat Show information

Gothenburg Boatshow- from Feb 4-12- to be sure the J/108 will be displayed very comfortably indoors at the Gothenburg Show in Sweden!  Come on in and enjoy classic Swedish hospitality in the most enjoyable surroundings one might possibly imagine- with healthy Swedish hostesses addressing any of the craziest questions one might ask as it relates to DSPL/L, BMax/ BWL, Sprit Extension/ SPL Midgirths and Prismatic Coefficients/ High VCG ratios.  Please be sure to arrange for a personal tour with Henning Mittlesman- ph- 49-4642 2722/   For more Gothenburg Boatshow information

Boston/ New England Boatshow- from Feb 11-19 - on display comfortably in-doors in a wonderfully warm ambiance will be the Hill & Lowden display that will be showcasing the J/111.  Please be sure to come by, convince them to give you a "lobster roll & beer"-  contact Rich Hill and George Lowden at ph- 781-631-3313 or   For more Boston Boat Show information