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J/95 SAILING WORLD Boat of the Year Overall Winner

J/95 Sailing World Boat of the Year- BOTY- shoal draft cruising racing sailboat

J/95 Overall Boat-of-the-Year

Christmas came early for the J sailing community! The newest issue of Sailing World magazine arrived with an action cover shot of the J/95 sailing upwind, and a feature article announcing the J/95 as the OVERALL WINNER of Sailing World's Boat of the Year for 2010!  Three pages later, the J/97 is announced as the winner of the Best Club Racer.  This is the first time in J history that two different J designs have won BOTY in the same year; and much appreciated recognition for the huge effort by the whole J network to bring these models to market in 2009.

Here are a few excerpts from the Sailing World website/ press release:  “Rodney Johnstone, the J/95's designer, has been designing boats for decades, and when he says this is his best boat yet, he's not kidding,” says Dave Read, Sailing World's editor and Boat of the Year director. “The judges were struck by how well it sails and how well it's built. But what cemented the J/95's selection was its versatility. It's a 31 footer that sailors of all skill levels will love to race.  And because of its clever centerboard keel and twin rudders, it can be raced or daysailed virtually anywhere – shallow bays, lakes, or the open ocean.”

"It's a radical change for J/Boats," says Boat of the Year Judge Chuck Allen, a professional sailmaker at North Sails.  'You can do anything with this boat, and do it well.  They hit a homerun."

Thanks to CCF and International Marine for their expertise and hard work on the J/95 tooling and production.  Read more about the J/95 Sailing World BOTY Award

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Sailing Anarchy and J/Boats have partnered to provide you a fun contest for the holidays.  Take the challenge to identify the boats, the place and the month in the new 2010 J Sailing Calendar and compete to win some sweeeet swag.  Apple iPod Touch 8 GB, VISA Gift Cards, Hoodie sweatshirts, Polo shirts, sailing T-shirts, sailing caps and more.  All you need to do is read the contest rules, register and complete the contest questionnaire.  The contest ends Friday, January 15th, 2010.  Winners will be announced at the J/Tent during Key West Race Week, January 18th, 2010.  Learn more about the J/Sailing Anarchy Contest

J/97 SAILING WORLD 2010 Boat of the Year Winner

J/97 Sailing World Boat of the Year- BOTY- IRC racing- cruising- one-design sailboat

J/97 Wins Best Club Racer

In the words of the Sailing World Editors- "The J/97 sails beautifully and has the volume, look and feel of a 40 footer.  Somehow in the populated J/Boat world, designer Alan Johnstone has found himself a sweet spot between the more racing oriented J/105 and the cruise-able J/109 and J/122.  “This is a really versatile boat,” said Chuck Allen, who was most impressed with its simplicity and comfort.  “The perfect sort of boat for taking to an out-of-town regatta.  You could stay on it and race it.  It definitely feels bigger than it really is.”"

Thanks to J Europe for the successful introduction of the J/97, which is currently a finalist in the European Boat of the Year awards (being announced next month).  Read more about the  J/97 Sailing World Award

J/111 Project Update

J/111 Ultimate Racing Cruising One-Design Sailboat- For Sailors Who Love Sailing!

The hull plug is rapidly taking shape at CCF in Bristol.  The hull plug and production mold will be complete in January 2010 with first hull molding in February 2010.  The next available hull is #18.

J/111 Class Rules are presently in draft form and include a Owner/ Non-Pro driver rule; factory weight certificate issued with each boat; fairing restriction on foils (like the J/122 class); sail limit of main, two jibs and two kites; crew number limit for low-key events plus crew weight limit for championship events.  Learn more about the J/111

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Win a FREE APPLE iPod Touch!

J Sailing Anarchy calendar contest- apple ipod touch

Sailing Anarchy and J/Boats have partnered to provide you a fun contest for the holidays.  Take the challenge to identify the boats, the place and the month in the new 2010 J Sailing Calendar and compete to win some sweeeet swag.  Apple iPod Touch 8 GB, VISA Gift Cards, Hoodie sweatshirts, Polo shirts, sailing T-shirts, sailing caps and more.  All you need to do is read the contest rules, register and complete the contest questionnaire.  The contest starts December 16th, 2009 and ends Friday, January 15th, 2010.  Winners will be announced at the J/Tent during Key West Race Week, January 18th, 2010.  Learn more about the J/Sailing Anarchy Contest.


J/95 sailboat- cruising- racing- sailing- shoal-draft

"Best Weekender" and "Best Domestic Boat of the Year"

(Middletown, R.I. - Cruising World magazine announced the winners of its 17th annual Boat of the Year awards. Topping this year's list of winners for the most anticipated awards in the sailboat industry was the J/95. The J/95 won the Domestic Boat of the Year award and the Best Weekender of the Year.

Four other boats also won awards from an independent panel of experts who inspected and tested 18 nominated boats following the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, earlier this year. Decisions were based on extensive dockside inspections and sea trials of the boats. All of the winners, along with the rest of the 2010 BOTY nominees and several other boats reviewed by the magazine's editors, are featured in the January issue of Cruising World.

J/95 sailboat- shoal-draft- cruising- cruising world boat of the yearIn addition to claiming the Domestic Boat of the Year award, the J/95 was also named Best Weekender. "The judges were impressed with the J/95's sailing performance, functional accommodations, and shoal-draft keel/centerboard," said Cruising World senior editor Bill Springer. "At a time when many families are cruising waters closer to home, it's the ideal weekender for nearby bays, and it'll be up to longer coastal cruises when time permits."  Learn more about sailing the J /95 at CRUISING WORLD's BOTY Review.

J/95 Wins SAIL 2010 Best ‘Performance Sailboat’ Award

J/95- sailboat- sail best boat 2010- shoal draft cruising- sailing

(Boston, MA)- The brand new J/95 is the first model from J Boats in thirty-two years of production to feature a shoal draft lead keel with a lifting centreboard and twin rudders. She will make her European debut at the London International Boat Show in January.  Key Yachting will be exhibiting the J/95 on stand N021T at the show, along with the J/97, winner of the Black Group at Cowes Week earlier this year.

The J/95 is clearly a new concept for J Boats. However, in terms of the technical execution of the concept, the build quality and the overall performance of this sleek and pretty thirty-one footer, J Boats seem to have hit the market with the right product at the right time, again.

J/95 sailboat- sail best boats 2010- cruising- sailingFor creek hopping in shallow, tidal harbours or for enjoying a picnic off the beach the J/95 features a bronze centreboard that pivots and fully retracts up into a slot in the fixed lead keel. When lowered, the centreboard projects below the keel, giving a draft of 1.68 metres; with the centreboard retracted, the draft of the J/95 is reduced to just 91 centimetres, allowing the J/95 access to some of the most beautiful and secluded sailing waters of our coast, otherwise untouched by other performance sailboats.

To optimise steering control during shoal draft operation, the J/95 is specified with tandem rudders. Previously, boats with single shoal draft rudders have tended to suffer from crippling weather helm, especially when close reaching in a breeze. The twin rudders and wheel steering of the J/95 offer superb balance and control and there is plenty of room in the cockpit too. Below decks, she is comfortable and well thought out. She has two full length settee berths, a private heads, an optional double v-berth in the bow and designated locations for a microwave, grill and cooler.

Being a J Boat, the J/95 is designed with performance as a priority.  This smart little boat not only looks great but she also is built to ISO CE Mark Category ‘A’, which is defined as a vessel capable of crossing oceans. And of course she sails beautifully! With her optional masthead spinnaker and retractable bowsprit, she is perfectly capable of double-digit downwind speeds, and upwind, whether in ‘deep draft’ or ‘centreboard up’ mode, she will happily track along at 6.5 knots and outpoint most race boats.

The future for the J/95 in the shallow, estuarine waters of the UK coastline is bright; she represents a new and potent sailing package from J Boats, a shining star for the new season. No surprise then that the J/95 has just won SAIL Magazine’s 2010 Best Boats ‘Performance Sailboat’ Award.   Learn more about sailing the J/95 at SAIL's Best Boats Review.

J/30 TEAM FUZZY Crew Views on NA's

J/30 sailboat- team fuzzy wuzzy- sailing regatta

Thanks for this story from Jon Eberly and Kelly Robinson who raced aboard FUZZY WUZZY: "Obviously, when you win the NAs, you are likely to feel pretty good about the regatta.  For “Team Fuzzy”, 2009 was certainly as good as it gets.  Our win in 2008 was terrific, but as shown in the on-line poll before the 2009 regatta, it wasn’t clear that we were anyone’s favorite!  We hadn’t sailed against Zephyr since they crushed the fleet in 2006—also at Cedar Point and sailing the same boat they used this year (Bayou Bleu).   Smiles and Fat City had both beaten us in the  One Design Regatta at Cedar Point earlier this year.  Furthermore, we were missing a couple of our long-time crew, including our tactician from last year, Bob Matthews.

Going into the regatta with such strong competition, we knew that every race would be critical and require total focus. Based on the forecast possibility for wind cancellation on Sunday, we also knew that regatta standings Saturday afternoon could be key to taking home the hardware. Our all-amateur crew brought a lot of experience to the course—five out of seven are boat owners and racing skippers, and everyone is a driver. On the water, we kept chatter to a minimum with everyone focused on their role (and watching for shifts, of course!)...."  A lot more to read on this story on the beautiful and newly revamped J/30 website.

Brothers Piris Dominate J/80 ECC Trophy

J/80 sailboat- santander, spain- sailing regatta

(Santander, Spain)-  The Piris brothers sailing their J/80 YATES & THINGS, skippered by Antonio, and FONESTAR, with James at the helm, took the top two positions in the first weekend for the ECC Trophy over a twenty five boat fleet.  With a light easterly wind on Saturday with a lot of current and a shifty 18-25 knot breeze on Sunday, the fleet was put to the test to stay out of trouble and in contention for the top five.

After a "black flag" Sunday,  which jumbled the standings considerably, the two Piris brothers, Antonio and James, dominated the regatta.  Following behind them were Alberto Padron on MABLE IV in third place and Ignacio Camino ni NEXTEL in fourth.  Champion sailor Torcida Pichu didn't have such a great weekend and managed fifth on ECC VIVIENDAS.  For more regatta information.

J/97 Race Results Update

J/97- IRC racer- cruising- sailboat- sailing upwind

The J/97 JENGA had a remarkably successful debut racing season in UK waters this year.  Congratulations are in order to Paul and Marie-Claude Heys for their wonderful performances over a broad spectrum of weather conditions that are typical in the summer sailing season in England.  As a demonstration of its remarkable diversity, the J/97 won in drifting conditions with nary a ripple in sight to gale force, blowing dogs off chains, conditions with huge breaking waves.  Here was JENGA's record for 2009:
  • 2nd in class and 27 overall out of 1779 starters, at the JPMorgan Round the Island Race
  • Winner of Black Group Overall at Cowes Week – 6 race wins
  • Overall Winner of Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta – 6 race wins
  • Winner of J-Cup – 9 race wins
  • Winner of RNLI Eastbourne Lifeboat Regatta – 4 race wins
  • Learn more about sailing the J/97

J/24 Copa de Mexico Update

J/24 sailboat- mexico- sailing one design

Wow, check this regatta out!

(Cabo, Mexico)- Jorge Castillo reports- "We are still three months away from the event and already have 52 boats with paid registration. We have crews registered from Brazil, Germany, Monaco, El Salvador, USA, Puerto Rico, Peru, Italy and Mexico! All preparations are going as expected, charter boats available are being assigned by Kenneth Porter this coming week and hotel accommodations are already posted on the website (we will send updated registration codes for discounted rates shortly). The competitor's villa has been designed to gather all participating classes; Offshore, J24, Kite surf. Optimist  and Windsurf during the two weeks of celebration. The title sponsor will be Nextel.  For more regatta information.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

J/24 Australian Championships

J/24 sailboats, one-design, offshore sailing boat

(Sandringham, Australia)- The resurgent J24 one design keelboat class, with expanding fleets in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, will be holding its national title regatta at the stunning new $12.75m Sandringham Yacht Club from 2 to 8 January 2010. These are the first nationals to be hosted by SYC since building was completed in October 2009.  Oover 20 boats and 100+ c ompetitors are expected, including some of the finest sailors in the country. Sean Wallis, Sean Kirkjian, Doug McGain, David Suda and Hugo Ottaway will provide the competition for the most fiercely competitive Australian titles for some years. Added to these illustrious names are the all women's crew on HYPERACTIVE which last year won two heats in the same event.  First place immediately qualifies for The J/24 World Championships in Sweden, September, 2010    Learn more about the J/24 Australian Championships.

J/35 SOUNDTRACK Wins IRC 3 Off Sydney

J/35 offshore sailboat- sailing off Australia, Sydney

Father/son Team Lead CYCA Spring Series

(Sydney, Australia- Dec. 5th)-  The J/Boats are really making an impact around the Sydney racing circles in this year's 2009/2010 summer sailing season.  The J/35 SOUNDTRACK sailed and owned by Tim Cox, and sailed by his son Edward, finished first in Division 3 in the final race of the CYCA Short Ocean Pointscore Series, thereby winning the Spring Series.  Even though she is one of the older J/Boat designs, this race series proves she is still a very competitive boat.  Congratulations to Edward and his crew.

Of note-  Across the harbour at Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Tony Coleman is busy getting his J/133 EUPHORIA up to speed.  As Tony and crew  get to know the boat better, they're beginning to score firsts, seconds and thirds on IRC over the past weeks.  More news on them soon.

J/122 JACKPOT Wins IRC Sydney Series

J/122 offshore sailboat- Jackpot Winning in Australia

Entwistle's Team Takes CYCA Short Ocean Series Down to the Wire

(Sydney, Australia- Dec. 5th)- The final race of the 6 race Short Ocean Pointscore Series was held on Saturday 5th December.  It was going to be a nail biter because the first 3 yachts were tied on points for first place, so the final race would decide the winner.  The way the drops were working the J/122 JACKPOT sailed by Ray and Sandra Entwistle needed to win by 2 places to secure the series for IRC Class 1.  That was a tough call given the skill level of the competition.

The fleet awoke to a glorious Sydney summer day, about 25 degrees C, and a soft 8-10 knot E/SE breeze.   The seas outside the Sydney heads had abated, with only a slight swell remaining after the southerly from the previous night.  They were also racing for the ‘David Burke Memorial Trophy’.

With a combined fleet of 22 yachts on the start line ranging from 40 footers to 60 footers - the J/122 at 40 feet was amongst the smallest.  According to Ray,  "Our initial concern was not to be buried at the start by the larger yachts in the fleet.  We stayed back a little at the start which allowed us to come in at the committee boat end and tack into clean air.  We had a pretty clean beat to get out of the heads, and then our tactician Ian picked the wind shifts perfectly to the top mark which was about 6nm offshore. The course was windward / leewards so we popped our 155sq.m asymmetric running kite for the downwind legs, and with first-rate trimming by Hedgey we ran just as square as the symmetric rigged boats. The design work on the asymmetric kites by ‘Ian Short Sailmakers’ is excellent.   After 3 laps around the course we had maintained our lead.  The finish was a kite run/broad reach back through Sydney Harbour Heads, then a quick gybe and a reach down Sydney H arbour to the committee boat at Watson's Bay.  We just simply had a great days' sailing.  The crew worked seamlessly and our J/122 JACKPOT just revelled in the conditions. We came in 1st in IRC, and most importantly, the required 2 places ahead of our main rivals that enabled us to win the series in Division 1."

Ray's perspective on the J/122 after a season's worth of sailing is helpful for those of you considering a great all-round racer-cruising yacht- "The main thing about the J/122’s performance is her consistency.  Our worst result over the 6 race series was third, and given that the series had all types of wind conditions from 6-8 knots up to 30-35 knots, and from windward/leeward courses to 40nm return passage races, there is a lot to be said for her consistent performance.  Her accomplishments are no fluke – this is the same series in which JACKPOT finished equal first in the Australian Autumn, just after she was commissioned.  She just doesn’t have any vices."

"Special thanks to our crew – Ian, Hedgey (Glen), Darren, James, Emmy, Cassandra and Caroline for their consistent effort and skill which really made this race series a lot of fun" said Ray and Sandra Entwistle.

J/92 Wins Dubai-Muscat Race

J/92 sailboat- offshore sailing Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Matt Britton's PRIVATEER Wins Big on Arabian Gulf

(Dubai, United Arab Emirates/ Muscat- Dec 6th)- While the boys playing in the America's Cup sandbox continue throwing exploding bricks at one another, the real sailors that use real gear to sail real sailboats (like J's) were having a great time taking in the best that the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman have to offer-- interesting vistas, gorgeous water, spectacular sunset and sunrise and often times a beautiful breeze.

Matt Britton and his merry bandits from the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club walked away (some say stole) the overall Division 2 prize in the 360 nautical mile Dubai to Muscat Offshore Race.   Sailing PRIVATEER, "the old bird of the J/92 fleet i.e. Hull # 2", as Matt describes her, they set out for Muscat from the Dubai Offshore sailing club on the 26th of November.  Basically, you start in Dubai (part of the United Arab Emirates) and sail down the Arabian Gulf, turn right around the cape that forms the infamous 25 mile wide Straits of Hormuz (between Iran and the Emirates) and head down through the Gulf of Oman to Muscat.

Matt's account of their race was quite amusing: "The start was not exactly what you would call text book and being the smallest boat in class we watched the fleet disappearing over the horizon on the first night. Fickle winds and lots of sail changes lead us up to the straits of Hormus and we were pleased to hear our main rivals rush Knot checking in with the Oman coast guard as we went for “The Gap” meaning we were still in touch.  The usual course of the race is to round the top and reach or run the remaining 200 miles. Not this year ! We stayed close hauled most of the way choosing to stay offshore and declining the invitation of potential land breezes. This proved to be the decisive in staying with the breeze.  Despite sitting outside Muscat for a frustrating seven hours we pulled into Marina Bander Rowda in Muscat not only IRC Handicap winners  for division 2 but first over the water in our division-- a fleet that included a Seaquest 32, Beanteau 36.7 and a Fast 42. We also managed 4th place overall in IRC.  A Big "Thanks" to the crew Who included Matt  Britton (owner and Skipper), Ryan (sundowner) Bray, Caroline (pooh sticks) Lassen , Teagan (Pasty) Rowlands and Josie (on Deck) Walsh."

NEW Interactive J Sailing Event Calendar

To help keep you apprised of events, boat shows, seminars, regattas going on worldwide in the J/Community, we have created two very user-friendly formats on the J website to help schedule yourself, friends and crew for your future sailing plans.  We offer both the standard "calendar grid" that displays events by day, week or month and, for hosts and organizers of such J class events.  We will also offer the "table format" (coming soon) for an easy method to post and organize your events.   Please visit the new interactive J Sailing Calendar for events, seminars, regattas.

Start 2010 With The Creme de la Creme

J Sailing Calendar- the Ultimate Gift for Sailors

Give the gift they'll love for 365 days a year.  Enjoy the beautiful photos from eight wonderful sailing photographers who've captured J's  doing epic wave-jumping upwind, to blazing a frothy wake planing downwind, to enjoying tranquil moments in romantic settings.  Get yourself organized for the New Year and treat yourself, family and friends to the new 2010 J/Sailing Calendar.  Don't forget the crew, too-- we have six-pack specials for them!  Learn more about the J/Sailing Calendar.

J/97 @ Salon Nautique de Paris

J/97- Racer cruiser sailboat designed for sailing offshore

For J sailors on the Continent or the British/ Irish Isles, jump onto the fast trains and head for Paris for a fun weekend touring the magnificent Paris Sailboat Show.  J/Europe has the J/97 on display, the highly acclaimed new IRC 31 foot cruiser-racer.  The J/97 proved itself this past summer in European waters by winning its IRC class in the RORC Around Island Race, winning its IRC class in the J/Cup and winning its IRC class in Cowes Week-- quite a stellar beginning!  Learn more about the Paris Sailboat Show.

NEW J/111 Speedster Info

J/111- the Ultimate Sailboat- Racing, One-design sailing, cruising

Specs and Pricing - Dec 15th

For those of you eagerly awaiting the latest news on the J/111 project launching in late spring 2010, please be sure to contact your J/Dealers for pricing and specifications later next week.  Worldwide interest continues to grow stronger and several sailing areas are already in formative discussions about J/111 One-Design fleets.   Learn more about the J/111 One-Design Speedster

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The J/42 EIGHT BELLS Great Adventure

J/42 cruising sailboat sailing in Mexico Dr. Paul McDonough wrote about his experience on the J/42 EIGHT BELLS cruising somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle in the Sargasso Sea.  "So, there you are sitting around on yet another woolen, gray, Sunday afternoon in New England in November.  And, as you’re thumbing through the travel section, you stumble across the full-page color glossy ad for the Willauer Cruise Line’s annual romantic passage on Eight Bells from the “Pink sand beaches of Historic St. Georges in Bermuda to the soothing tropical paradise of the Virgin Islands”.  Before you get all jiggy and succumb to the toe-tapping refrain of “ooey, ooey, baby” of Sam Cooke or Jimmy Buffet’s attitude change, which might begin to sound between your chilly ears, read on.

Having read bits of Carol’s e-mails, I said to myself “Boy, am I glad I wasn’t on that trip!”  Then, I realized, I had been and it occurred to me that both sailing and childbirth had an essential component of amnesia.  Otherwise, there would be no human race and the western hemisphere would be unfettered by marauding Eurocentric, phallocentric, christo centric, smallpox bearing interlopers, and to this day would have its indigenous peoples carrying on their traditional, quaint rituals of human sacrifice, infanticide, cannibalism and sweat lodges awaiting the end of the world on December 21, 2012, without ever having celebrated a single Thanksgiving or even seeing one episode of Monty Python. 

Every great saga of the sea from Homer, Coleridge, and Melville ends.  Some end positively, with a buoyant, uplifting, happy finish, like the iceberg that brought Harvard a new library in 1912, or Melville’s launch of the “Save the Albino Handicapped Cetacean Movement”.  Others, though, end sadly, even tragically, like the cancellation of Gilligan to reruns, after a mere 7 seasons.  Ours, too, ended.  Not, however, before the following occurred:

Let’s begin with the weather.  There was some.  In fact, there was all of it. It seems our friend, Ida, didn’t quite behave as expected, baffling and inspiring Aeolus, the other weather Gods and us.

Like most major cruise lines, the Willauer Line, which might more appropriately be named the “Don’t Stop the Carnival Cruise Line”, had a 24-hour, all-you-can-eat buffet.  It was vastly over-hyped.  The standard was set when the sommelier, Jeff, said “Drink the water and try to keep it down”, and “how do you want your saltine?”  Dinner on Tuesday was another mega-feast when we gingerly tried a peanut butter cracker.  Wednesday was the banana.

The cruise was a bit like a cross between Outward Bound, absent the Canyon Ranch pampering, food, or, for that matter, character-building and my Great (times 5) Grandfather Kunte O’Bama McDonough’s maiden voyage from the Old Country on the Middle Passage cruise on the Proto Luxury liner, Good Ship Amistad.

It was a bit like being a Turducken.  Why a Turducken, you might ask?  Well, it was like being in a washing machine on the cycle that miners use for their coal dust bibs, marinating in diesel fuel, food scraps, metal filings, fish scales, laundry which never made it to the laundry with the ingredients that gave it the title “soiled” in the first place, all sorts of girl chemicals and devices from Carol’s locker, stuffed into the belly of a mechanical bronc at Gillies in Pasadena, Texas and all put inside the mid-ship of a Trojan Horse to be left for a week in the unventilated convection oven of the 17th latitude.

There was no need for naturalist on board since over the 6 days we saw no, that is no sign of life beyond the unfortunate, soggy examples on board.  No birds, no fish, no bugs, no nothing.  Empirical confirmation of Darwin’s correctness and our position on the wrong side of the long-term survival equation.

It was a week of notable milestones during the maelstrom.  First, our trusty vessel celebrated her passage of 50,000 miles of voyaging throughout the World; although 40,000 or so of those happened since we left Bermuda.  And, second, Conor celebrated his 33rd birthday, expressing the hope that all future birthdays would be similarly festive.

It was also a week of green flashes.  A meteorological refraction version of which occurred on Thursday, but they began on Monday with Conor’s basil complexion, continuing with the split pea soup and, finally, with the multi-grain science project on Saturday. 

There was no need for a lecture in cultural anthropology on board, since we had Andrew.  There is nothing like a 20-year old, barely post-adolescent to pinpoint the lowest common denominator of conversation.  With 24 hours to work with, he was able to squeeze in more than an ample supply of 2nd grade poopy talk, egged on and aided by, fellow dude, Dr. McDonough.

Despite all the unpleasantness we had a great crew, talented experienced mariners.  Peter rose to every challenge and there were many.  Jeff and Andrew were superb sailors and companions.  When they find our notes in the bottles and the Navy Seals assault team comes, we wish no harm for our captors.  There’s a Stockholm syndrome aspect to our situation.

I don’t want to paint an overly negative portrait of our voyage.  It certainly could have been worse.  After all, we could have been out in fair weather playing golf."

J/80 Palma Otonocon Trophy

J/80  Santander Spain- sailboat, sailing, one design

(Palma, Majorca- Nov. 28)- Palma's fleet continues Otoñocon Trophy celebrating the fourth day. On Saturday 28th of November they played two more races of the championship. For the time being leading the fleet is 'Portcall' by Jose Carlos Frau, followed by 'Jose Luis Ferrer Winery' Roses Antonio about unreachable 23 points of difference. Close on the podium is 'Expresso' by Jaime Fiol and Eduardo Horrach.  For more sailing and regatta information.


J/80 Sailboat- sailng in Palma, Spain

Pichu Torcida's ECC VIVIENDAS Wins

(Santander, Spain- Nov. 29) - This trophy is hosted each year in Santander with many of Spain's best sailors invited to climb in different boats and spend a weekend with their Cantabrian friends and sailors.  This year, Pichu Torcida continued his winning ways racing ECC VIVIENDAS and winning over the twenty four boat fleet.  His VIP "luxury guest" was Malaga Mainemare Vivi and rounding out his crew were Alex Muscat, Pure Ruigómez and Charly Martinez.

The weekend of racing started out with a postponement on Saturday as winds were gusting upwards of forty knots.  On Sunday morning, the sailors enjoyed a beautiful day, with two closely contested races, especially between ECC VIVIENDAS and MAGNIFYING GLASS. The winds were very shifty and puffy and, along with high tide, permitted the boats to play the shores and the beaches for tactical and strategic advantage.

While ECC VIVIENDAS won, Cesar Obregon and David Marazo sailed to a regatta-winning combination of 1-2 on Sunday but were disqualified for inadvertently touching the mark with their boom.  Of note were some good performances from the "guest" sailors.  YATES & THINGS, with Toño Piris at the helm and Vicente Tirado as a guest had a 4-11.   PROPERNOR led one race with current World Junior Champions  Tara Pacheco and Berta Betanzos on board.

After ECC VIVIENDAS in second place was  SPACE 10 sailed by Chuny Bermudez de Castro.  And, in third overall on the podium was FUNDESTIC sailed by Antonio Gorostegui.  For more sailing and regatta information

Windy, Stormy Garmin Hamble Winter Series

Garmin Hamble Winter Series- J/122 Sailboat, Sailing, Upwind

J/109, J/105 and J/80 Fleets Thrashed in Squalls

(Solent, Hamble, England)- Driving rain and vicious squalls marked the final day of the 2009 Garmin Hamble Winter Series on November 29, and with around 25% of retirees it was clearly a demanding day. A rapidly changing low pressure system had made for a tough early morning call, and with both Black and White Fleets cleared for racing in what initially seemed acceptable conditions, it soon became clear that the sports boats could not race safely in the increasing gusts.

For the Black Fleet, the committee laid a start line near Fastnet Insurance buoy and two separate courses were set for the seven IRC and one-design classes. With a wind direction of 200 degrees and a west-going tide the DAKS race buoy was chosen as the first windward mark for all classes.

The J/105 class had a short course finishing at Air Canada. Visibility was changing constantly as each rain squall hit the fleet, and but for some spectacular broaches and spinnaker failures the day was a testament to the good seamanship displayed throughout this competitive series. Even if some were hating the conditions, there were others who called up the race committee with thanks for a great day out as they crossed the finish line. With seven races completed in the Black Fleet series, one race result could be discarded. Overall results in the J/105 fleet: Paul Griffiths on Fay-J is first with 11 points, followed by Simon Curwen on Voador (14) and Chris Jones on Journeymaker 5 (15).

The J/109 class saw class leaders David and Kirsty Apthorp win in J-DREAM with six points followed by Luca Rubinelli in ARIA with fifteen points and OUTRAJEOUS sailed by Richard and Valerie Griffith in third with seventeen.

The J/80s had some spectacular sailing with some wildly planing legs.  The survivors amongst that group included John Cooper sailing well to win on OI! with nineteen points.  Ian Atkins hung in there for second place onboard BOATS.COM with thirty one points and coming in third was Thor Askeland racing ELLE SAPPELLE.  Photo Credits- Paul Wyeth/ PW Pictures    For more sailing and regatta information

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The new 2010 J/Sailing Calendar will bring enjoyment and inspiration to your friends and family.  It's a beautiful and useful calendar for sailors who love and appreciate the ultimate joys of sailing a J in some of the most spectacular harbors and waters of the world. Whether you are a cruising, competitive or armchair sailor, the stunning photographs will transport you to wonderful sailing experiences in far away places- from thrilling rides surfing downwind in the Pacific to tranquil, romantic, sunset anchorages off St. Tropez.  For those who love the sailing lifestyle, it's the ultimate gift for your family and friends.  Learn more about the J/Sailing Calendar

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

J/109 SAYKADOO Enjoys Annapolis Wednesday Nights

Steve McManus- J/109 owner of SAYKADOO has been on an upward trajectory since getting his team rolling in the past year on his J/109. Local Annapolis papers had a nice profile on Steve and his team this past fall. It was entitled "SAYKADOO Tops Tight Wednesday Night Class" by Bill Wagner. "There are not many classes more competitive than PHRF A2 of the Annapolis Yacht Club's Wednesday Night Races. Four of the thirteen registered boats have the exact same rating (75) while several others are extremely close to that figure.

That is evidenced by the fact four different boats won a race during Series 2, which wrapped up last Wednesday. SAYKAYDOO, the J/109 skippered by Steve McManus, did not win any of the five races held between June 10 and July 29, but nonetheless wound up capturing PHRF A2 Class for Series 2.

"The whole fleet is very evenly matched. The rating band is extremely small among the top seven or eight boats", said McManus. "It was simply a matter of consistency for our boat. We weren't able to win a race, but we were always in the money." Indeed, SAYKADOO counted three seconds and a third in totaling nine points, just one better than Jeffrey Caruso's Ben 36.7 SHOCK WAVE. Only five points separated the first and fifth place boats.

"I'm blessed to have a regular crew and we do a lot of cross-training so that people can fill in other positions if someone can't make it out for whatever reason", says McManus. Dave Robinson (pit), Stuart Numan (jib, spinnaker), Bob Taylor (tactics, bow), Jack Hunt (jib, spinnaer), Don Handy (main, bow), Carl Turek (pit) and Marie Dallacqua (mast) comprise the regular crew aboard SAYKADOO, which also won Series 1. In fact, McManus is on a bit of a roll, having won Series 2 and placed second in Series 1 last year. "We've been doing the Wednesday Night Series for about six years and we seem to be getting the hang of what it takes to be successful", he said.

Competition was equally close in two other PHRF classes...with Richard Born's J/120 WINDBORN second in Class A1.

In the nineteen boat J/105 class, it all came down to the wire with the Salvesen/Lewis team on MIRAGE edging out Peter Schellie on FREEDOM in the battle of the family-based boats. In third was Jim Konigsberg's INIGO.

For the J/30s, Steve and Katherine Bardelman on VALHALLA vanquished their fleet of eight boats, leading home Bill Wallop's CANNONBALL and Ron Anderson's INSATIABLE in second and third, respectively.

The J/35s had a wonderful turnout this year with seven boats. Barry Moss's BAD COMPANY won by a landslide over the perennial competitor AUNT JEAN, ably raced by the team of Kaminer/Christofel in second and Mark McGonigle rounding out the podium in third onboard WINDEPENDENT.

J/24 South American Championship (Los Sud Americanos)

J/24 One-Design Sailboat- Winning Sailors of J/24 South Americans

Argentinean Rossi and SHARK Team Win

(Costa Del Sol, Brazil)-  The Argentine team, led by Alejandro Rossi, won the South American Class J24 which ended on Saturday in South Sailboat In rank he was vice commander Brazilian Mauricio Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro. And the Uruguayan Diego Garcia, who began leading the competition, finished third. The three final races were very exciting with heated competition among the top five in the fleet; in fact nearly full blown match racing between the current J/24 World Champion and the ultimate race winner.

J/24 One-design Sailboats- Sailing at J/24 South AmericansWhen crossing in 3rd place at the finish line of the last race, the crew of the boat SHARK celebrated their victory nearly shouting themselves hoarse. Skipper Alejandro Rossi, 34, had won for the first time the South American title after sailing for fifteen years in the J/24 class. "The Brazilian, Mauritius Santa Cruz, offered tough competition on the race course, it was important to sail with great speed and be sensitive to changes in the wind. Santa Cruz is three times J/24 World Champion, so we expected a tough battle," said Alejandro.  Another element of difficulty was the weather, pointed out Mr. Rossi. "The wind streaks were complicated, with very fickle wind, both in direction and intensity and with a lot of rain."

The Mauritius Rio Santa Cruz team from Brazil sailed better in the last few races, but it was not enough for the title. Mauritius regretted having started the racing in bad form on the first day. "We lacked a bit of calmness and focus in the beginning. I sailed with a new crew.  Sailing as a team is very important and we learned fast.  All who were with me here are excellent," said the current J/24 World Champion.  Santa Cruz said his team was Andre "Cheek" Fonseca, Marcos Grael, Georgia Roberts and Frederick Sidou.

Finishing third not too far off the pace from the two leaders, Rossi and Santa Cruz, was Uruguayan Diego Garcia, finishing with 26 points.

After the bad weather during the week, forcing cancellation of racing on Thursday, conditions were favorable for good sailing the last few days. The wind in Guaíba was east, with an average wind speed of 12 knots.  This meant everyone was fast, so you had to sail nearly perfectly to maintain lanes and get the right wind shifts.

Captain of the Brazilian J/24 Class, Cláudio Ruschel said he was pleasantly surprised with the fleet turnout-- "We have a promising future", he says. Ruschel was fifth in this year's J/24 South American Championship.

The J/24 South Americans sailed nine races from Wednesday until Saturday with a total participation of fourteen boats from Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. The 2010 edition will be held from 15 to 20 November in La Punta, Callao, Lima, Peru.    For regatta, sailing, information.

Garmin Hamble Winter Series Postpone Sailing

J/109, J/105 and J/80 Fleets Restlessly Idle

(Solent, Hamble, England)- This past weekend the Winter Series saw all racing canceled, postponing in effect until next week.  The fleet made some spirited attempts to work around what amounted to a near hurricane, e.g. the double-red flags on the Beaufort Wind Scale - Force 10.  However, the strength and the persistence of the Low was far too overwhelming to even consider venturing forth onto the infamous Solent.  Can't imagine what a 6 knots current again gusts up to 60 knots might look like--  how about a webcam mounted on a titanium tripod on the Bramble Bank in the middle of the Solent-- would be kinda cool! 

In short, the UK MET Office issued all kinds of dire warnings.  The BBC was positively shrill...worried perhaps that train service would again cease operations because leaves blown into the air-intakes would stop the trains running again.  As one of the Race Officers put it, "latest info we have is SW 25 - 30 kts, with gusts to 45 kts, increasing towards midday with averages of 35 kts with gusts to near 60 kts in thundery showers. This forecast has increased again since last night and racing is clearly impractical."  Good on ya, the pubs clearly appreciated the windfall business.  For more regatta and sailing info

J Sailing Calendar Is A Hit!

J Sailing Calendar- Gorgeous Sailboat Calendar of Boats Sailing Worldwide

The reviews are in from the madding crowds at J Dealers and J Sailors from around the world--  the J Sailing Calendar is a cool, breathtakingly beautiful and very useful calendar to keep not just the parents organized, but the kids headed in the right direction and your work week organized most of the time in today's hectic schedules.  And, for adult "playtime" we've added another wrinkle into the equation- an interactive version of the J Sailing Calendar.  Cool, eh?  The J Sailing Calendar of events, regattas, seminars, boatshows and so forth are now posted "live on-line" for you to coordinate your sailing schedules with one another.  Whether you have an Apple iPhone, RIM Crackberry, Nokia Smartphone, Motorola Droid (yup, that Google Android thing) you can now download at the click of a button your sailing schedule for most major sailing events worldwide that are attended by the extended family of J sailors and friends.  That's not all-- much, much more cool stuff soon!   Learn more about the J Sailing Calendar

J/95 Wins SAIL Magazine's 2010 Best Boats "Performance Sailboat" Award

J/95 Shoal-Draft Cruising Sailboat- Ready to Go Sailing off Beach.

The Performance Sailboat category was populated with an excellent group of new boats, including the J/97, each of which are sporty, forward-thinking racer-cruisers.  Ultimately, the J/95 edged out its competition by virtue of an interesting combination of features that combine to make it a potent sailing package-- its centerboard, twin rudders, cockpit layout and powerful, well-balanced sail plan.
Thanks to its shoal-keel, the J/95 unlocks entire areas to one-design racing that were previously unable to accommodate fixed-keel sailboats.  This is beginning to happen now in such areas as the Chesapeake, Florida and the lakes in Europe.  As SAIL said, "If you want a grin-inducing ride every time you go sailing, the J/95 could be the boat for you."

Learn more about sailing the J/95.       SAIL Magazine Review

J/111 Rocketing Out of the Blocks

J/111- The Ultimate Sailing Sportboat- A Sailboat for Sailors

Worldwide interest in J's latest speedster seems to be growing exponentially every week.  From every corner of our blue planet, enthusiasm for a fun, easy-to-sail 36 footer continues to grow-- and it's from all members of the sailing community.  Not just J sailors.  People who've sailed other racer-cruiser production boats, out-of-control over-canvassed "wedges of cheese" and everything in between.  Everyone appears to be zeroed in on having a great time, with great performance and solid R.O.I --- in the J vernacular, that means FUN for the dollar!  Specs and pricing will be out in December.  Don't be surprised if you have a hard time getting one-- we've had overwhelming interest in the J/111-- talk to your J/Dealer now!  Learn more about this exciting new sailboat.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

2010 J/Sailing Calendar- HOT Off The Press!

J/Boats Ultimate Sailing Calendar
The Ultimate Gift for People Who Love Sailing!

The beautiful J/Sailing Calendar is for J/Boat owners and J sailors who love and appreciate the joys of sailing a J in some of the most spectacular harbors and waters of the world is getting rave reviews.

Whether you are a cruising, racing or armchair sailor, the stunning photographs will transport you to wonderful sailing experiences in far away places. Enjoy the color and excitement of J sailing with these gorgeous photos. The J/Sailing Calendar features photos of flying J/80s, a wildly planing J/100, a powerful J/122 surging upwind, a serene sail on the Maine coast on a J/42, J/120s battling up the San Francisco waterfront and tranquil shots off the world's most beautiful harbors and coasts on J/22s, J/24s, J/80s, J/105s, J/109s and more. For those who love the sailing lifestyle, it's the ultimate gift for yourself, friends and family.

Please visit the J/Sailing Calendar page to preview what each month looks like and how nicely our large wall calendar format works for your home or office. Go to this link and order yours today:

Commodores Trophy- Espana

ZEIK Wins Big In Gale Force Winds
(La Coruna, Spain- 9 November)- This past weekend was the penultimate day of Commodore Trophy for J/80s organized by the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña.  It was a blustery regatta, marked by the storm that struck the Galician coast for two straight days with near Force 8 gale winds offshore.

On Saturday at 1600 hours was the first race of the day for the J80 class inside the Bay of La Coruña, with a northwest wind 16 to 19 knots and waves of 2-3 meters.  The Race Committee had to delay until late afternoon because the weather was so ferocious earlier in the day.  Ultimately, it was a good day for the "Big Boy Nautical Aussycrawl" Stuart Shimeld winning two races.  However, by the end of the weekend, it was ZEIK that took the overall event winning on a tie-breaker over MARINA CORUNA with 17 points each, the tiebreaker to "greater number of first "wins" goes to the former.

For more sailing information and regatta results.

Bancantabria Sailing Cup

FUNDESTIC (Toño Gorostegui)  Winning Overall
(Santander, Spain- 8-9 November)-  The forecast for bad weather in the Bay of Biscay, with orange alert announced and forecast winds of force 7 to 8, meant that the Third Act (Series) of the Bancantabria Sailing Cup was going to be an experience to say the least.  Fortunately, the Race Committee elected to setup the courses in the inner bay, therefore enabling the J/80s to have two fun, very windy races.  Only twelve of the thirty boats raced in the demanding conditions.  And the end of the weekend, it was Tono Gorostegui who maintained their composure to maintain the overall lead sailing FUNDESTIC. 

Leaders for the weekend (Act III) were Pichu Torcida on ECC VIVIENDAS; then RAITA finished second and Tono's FUNDESTIC got third.  The provisional Overall standings for the Bancantabria Sailing Cup has Tono's FUNDESTIC in first with 8 points, Paul Santurde's SPACIO in second with 12 points and Pichu Torcida's ECC VIVIENDAS in third with 13 points.
For more sailing and regatta information.

French J/80 Nationals

Luc Nadal's GANJA Dominates Championship
(Cherbourg, France- Nov. 7-11)- A record turnout of forty eight J/80s showed up for this year's French J/80 National Championship in Cherbourg.  The hometown hosts were fabulous and put on quite a show despite the somewhat difficult weather conditions they were presented with over the course of the four day regatta. Light shifty four knot winds and flat water to moderate rolling seas blowing upwards of twenty knots offered the fleet tremendous challenges.  It was very difficult to stay out of the bottom of the fleet and maintain some kind of consistency.

However, Luc Nadal and his team aboard GANJA sailed magnificently, demonstrating remarkable consistency across the board to win by nearly thirty points over his next competitor.  Their record of 2-1-9-1-7-1-1 for 22 points speaks for itself...four firsts was unequalled in the fleet.  Second overall was Jean-Yves Jaffrezic racing ATLANTIS with a record of  5-8-21-12-1-3-1 for 51 points, beating JACUZZI on a tie-breaker.  Ludovic Gilet raced the renowned JACUZZI into third place with a 1-6-13-3-5-19-4 also with 51 points but lost tie on most firsts.  Fourth was the famous French woman sailor Christine Briand just three points back sailing J ILE DE RE and finishing behind her was Frederic Denis on ECOLE NAVALE CG29 with 63 points.

On a personal note, it was nice to see Pierre Follenfant- a former 470 and FD sailor whom Drake and Stu sailed against when they were kids in the 470 class in the mid-1970s sailing a respectable series to finish 11th in this highly competitive fleet!  We're glad to see old warhorses like us can still hang in there with the top players in the class!

For more sailing and regatta information.

Garmin Hamble Winter Series

J/109, J/105 and J/80 Fleets Continue Great Sailing
(Solent, Hamble, England)- This past weekend the Winter Series continued with good solid racing taking place in the three J one-design fleets represented in this classic Solent fall series.

In the seventeen boat J/109 class, Luca Rubinelli racing his ARIA has taken over the lead sailing to a 2-3-3-3-2 series with 13 points.  Richard and Valerie Griffith sailing OUTRAJEOUS sailed into second with a 5-2-7-2-3 record for 19 points.  Falling just a little off the pace due to a DSQ was J-DREAM, David & Kirsty Apthorp's well-campaigned boat to an unfortunate 1-1-1-DSQ-1 record for 22 points to settle into third place. 

The J/105s were having a good go at it with six of them vying for top honors.  What a competitive fleet!  All top three boats are within one point of each other!  Simon Curwen's VOADOR is atop the heap with a 1-2-3-OCS-1 record for 13 points.  Paul Griffiths is just behind on FAY-J due to a 2-1-2-OCS-3 tally that generates 14 points.  And, Chris Jones'  JOURNEYMAKER 5 recorded a 3-4-4-1-2 record for 14 points to be behind on a tie-breaker.

John Coopers' Team O!! are sailing quite strongly this fall and their record shows it- 2-2-1-1-2-4-DNF-2-1-2-1-1-2 is not bad and only totals 15 points.  Chasing them around the race track has been Ian Atkins'  BOATS.COM, sailing to a solid - 4-1-4-3-3-2-1-1-3-3-2-4-1 record for 20 points.  Thor Askeland is sailing ELLE SAPPELLE  well and is hanging in for third overall with a- 5-4-5-4-1-1-DNF-3-2-1-5-5-5 record that puts him 10 points back from second place with a total of 30 points.

For more sailing results, who's sailing and regatta information.

Paris Sailboat Show & London Sailboat Show- J/95 & J/97 Debut

For those of you who enjoy the bright lights and big cities of Europe, be sure to consider taking a fun, romantic, adventurous trip to Paris or London for the boatshows to visit with J/Europe or J/UK to chat about sailing and perhaps your next J dream boat.

Paris Sailboat Show- 5-13 December 2009-
For more info on Paris, contact Frederic Bouvier at

London Sailboat Show- 8-17 January 2010-
For info on London, contact Paul Heys at
Paul and his team will have both the J/95 and the J/97 debuting at this show.  If you have any interest in either one of these exciting designs, please be sure to visit London in January. Great time of year to go to Europe and the airfares are cheap.

J/95 Winning The Hearts of Traveling Sailors

It's apparent that the J/95 is striking a sensitive chord in those who wish they could have their "cake and eat it, too".  For once, a reasonable sized boat can be sailed in just about any body of water one wishes to travel to nearly anywhere in the world, be they a spectacular Swiss lake, a romantic anchorage on Italy's Lago Maggiore, a summertime soiree on Lake Dillon in Colorado or an adventurous trip to Lake Titicaca in Peru (well perhaps not, but fun to dream about!).  There are now two J/95s headed over to Europe.  One is going to the London Boatshow to be shown by J/UK- so be sure to contact Paul Heyes and crew soon (email-!  The other is going to Switzerland.

Recently, Peter Bangerter, the J Swiss dealer visited America to see what all the excitement was about.  In short, he was blown away.  In his own words, Peter had this to say about his experience last week on the J/95: "it was simply awesome.  Amazing boat, absolutely a big boat feel.  Very fast.  Easy to handle, turns on a dime! The perfect "little big boat" for European lake sailing.  We picked one up for our Swiss clients who love to travel from lake to lake.  Our Swiss and Austrian sailors like to have a boat they can spend weekends on with family and friends. We love it!"  Be sure to contact Peter soon to arrange a preview and demo sail in the Swiss Alps-- imagine going for a healthy hike (or ski) in the Alps in St. Moritz, then cruising down to Lake Silvaplana for a gorgeous afternoon sail in pristine spring weather.  You can best reach Peter at email-

For more information on sailing the J/95, please visit the J/95 website.

A Voyage to the Greater Good- The Battle Against Leukemia- A Heartwarming Sailing Story

Every year across the country there are about 40 Leukemia Cup Regattas. With an average of about 150 participating boats and their crews in various classes, the LCRs involve a vast percentage of this country’s sailing community. Every year, a select group of LCR participants is rewarded for their performance with an invitation to the Leukemia Cup Regatta Fantasy Sail, a weekend sailing with Gary Jobson. This year’s Fantasy Sail was hosted by the San Francisco Yacht Club using the fleet of J/105s generously donated by the local J/105 Fleet owners on San Francisco Bay.

We also learned some numbers: 17 years ago there was one event that raised $30,000, this year there were 38 events this year and we raised a total of just under $4 million dollars. The total raised to date is over $31 million. There were 75 people attending the Fantasy sail this year though a bunch more had qualified and not been able to make it. 67% of the money raised came from individual donations brought in by sailors which does not include corporate donations, silent auction items, etc.

One of the best things about qualifying multiple years is that the people you meet at this event are incredible. The mood is festive and everyone is upbeat. Just about everyone has had a personal experience with blood cancer, either a friend, family member, or actually survived themselves and the feeling of having been able to do something to help people living with blood cancer and find cures is really amazing.

Included in the group of survivors is the perennial host of the Fantasy Sail, Gary Jobson. Gary started as the national spokesman for the LCR way back in the last century, long before he was actually diagnosed, and he continues to inspire and spur us on to do great things. This cocktail party is all about meeting up with the folks you went drinking with last year (Hello, Emory!) and meeting new folks you missed the year before.

The morning started out slow but built through the three races until it was steadily 10 gusting to 15. With fog pouring over the magnificent San Francisco waterfront and burning off halfway across the bay, the opportunity for photos was breathtaking, the entire scene changed every 15 minutes. I don’t know how the folks sailing kept their concentration on the racing.

After the sailing, dinner and the presentation of pickle dishes, the event was topped off by a speech from Ian, a sailor from San Francisco who is just over a year into his recovery from leukemia. This is what they call a "mission moment" to get us fired up for next year and Ian was a perfect example of why we raise money.  Ian volunteered to be on the regatta committee at the SFYC last year and a few weeks later while training for a triathlon, he started to feel like he was coming down with something. He went to the doctor and the verdict went from “you might have the flu” to “you should see an oncologist” pretty quickly. After that it was the unpleasant experience of getting treated which left him unable to join us for the Fantasy Sail last year. The contrast was remarkable. Looking at this guy standing there smiling and walking around with a microphone you would never be able to guess that he had been sick a day in his life let alone had just recovered from a disease that would have had a 5% survival rate just 40 years ago. It was an inspiring end to a great weekend.

Raising $8,500 sounds like a big deal but I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have raised an average of $11,000 every year just by sending out 8 emails every year. Other folks have raised their money by doing everything from holding fancy dinners to selling lemonade (literally). The society provides you with tons of tools including raffles and incredibly helpful staff folks who seem to have no end to their reservoir of energy. So if you’re going to sail in your regatta, try to make enough to meet us in Charleston next year. You’ll have a great time and I think Clean (Alan & Meredith Block) said we could all stay at his house.
- Courtesy of Peter Howson. 
More photos at Peter Howson's sailing website.

A Sailing Whale Tale- MOBY DICK Reincarnate?

A Tragic Whale Tale- -- J/120 Sunk by Moby Dick Clones.   The Baja-Ha-Ha is an annual cruisers rally from San Diego, California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexcio.  They began their 750-mile route this year on October 25th. Sadly, for one of the participants amid the 170 boat fleet, the trip ended much too early.

About 200 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and extraordinary turn of events confronted what is normally a fun, easygoing cruise from California to Mexico.  Appropriately named, the Baja-Ha-Ha is an event many California cruising sailors look forward to after the course of a long sailing season.  It's organized by a group of friends, including J-WORLD's Wayne Zittel.  However, this year it was not a walk in the park for those aboard the J/120 J-WORLD. Here's the report from Wayne:

"Hey All -  Thanks for all the good thoughts. Yes, the boat has sunk but everyone is safe and sound.

The boat was heading south in the Baja-Ha-Ha with two instructors (Eugenie and Barry) and three students on our annual cruise south to our Puerto Vallarta location. They put into Ensenada briefly for some minor repairs (a loose wire in the wiring harness seems to have been the culprit), then headed back out Tuesday morning. I got an email from them in the evening reporting that all was fine and they were making good time. They made the scheduled roll call in the AM.

Here is what I know from the brief conversations I have had with the crew: about 10am, they came across a pod of whales. Shortly after yesterday morning's Baja Ha-Ha check-in, the crew of J/WORLD, the J/120 skippered by former Punta Mita Yacht & Surf Club commodore Eugenie Russell, experienced one of the highlights of the cruising life: They spotted a whale. Then they saw another. They quickly realized that they'd sailed into a pod of whales - big whales. That's when they felt a bang, then another and another. At least one whale was attacking J/WORLD's rudder!

Their behavior was described as 'erratic.' One or more of the whales struck the boat repeatedly, and the boat began taking on water at a rapid pace. It sounds like, not surprisingly, most of the damage was around the rudder. They made an attempt to bail the boat and get a distress call out on SSB, but it was clear that the boat was a loss. They activated the EPIRB, boarded the liferaft, and the boat was reportedly gone within 7 minutes of the strike. As I understand it, the boat did not capsize in any way.

I was in contact with the the USCG from the time the EPIRB went off. They did an absolutely stellar job. Within four hours, they reported that they had safely lifted all five sailors into the helicopter and were returning to San Diego. Eugenie has a bruised hand, but there were no other injuries. I personally am in shock... this is the stuff you read about but you think will never really happen to you. You can make all the preparations in the world, load boat with experienced sailors, and still have unexpected consequences. A bit humbling, to be sure. We all need to remember that when we go sailing, we really go to sea in every sense. 

I know we will get a good debrief from the crew, and we'll be sure to post more info and some 'lessons learned,' but I am tremendously relieved that everyone is safe. All of us here at J-World are in deep gratitude to the folks of the USCG. Man, they run a great operation. Here's the video of the rescue.

Anyway, that's the latest report from here.... the J/120 J-WORLD was a great boat. She was hull #9, the ex-GANNET, ex-CROSSWAVE, now known simply as "J-WORLD." We sailed her some 10,000+ open ocean miles per year, including this year's TransPac and raced her in San Francisco and Mexico, not to mention subjecting her to all the abuses that students can dish out, and she took it in stride.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you out there for the support...

All the best,

Wayne Zittel 

J-World Performance Sailing School

San Francisco Bay | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Bancantabria Sailing Cup

HOUSING ECC Wins Fundestic Trophy
(Santander, Spain- Oct. 14-26)- Hosted by the FCV (Federacion Cantabra de Vela) in Santander, Spain, the Bancantabria Sailing Cup had a strong turnout of thirty-one J/80s.  The Cup is a series of races taking place over several weekends sailing in the spectacular waters off Santander in often warm, sunny conditions.

While the last weekend of the two week event was nearly a wash-out, the sailors had an enjoyable time racing for this past weekend's Fundestic Trophy.  Pichu Torcida racing ECC HOMES managed to take home another win.  Pushing him hard was Jaime Pris onboard FONESTAR to take second overall and coming in third place was Adrian Zamacona racing MABLE. Notable amongst the competitors in this year's even was the return, after months of absence from racing J/80s, of the 49er Olympic Sailing medalists Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez. Iker and Xabi went sailing with friends aboard PROPERNOR-- looks like they'll need some practice after posting a twelfth in their first outing.

For more sailing information and regatta results, please visit J/80 Spain Class site.

J/24 East Coast Championships

Old Man of the Sea Tony Parker Wins
(Annapolis, MD- Oct. 30-Nov 1)- Severn Sailing Association hosted the J/24 East Coast Championships in a wide variety of sailing conditions for a strong turnout of thirty-four J/24s.  The indomitable and redoubtable Tony Parker shows that he's still got it after sixty+ years of sailing and racing in venues all over the world.  Showing the young bucks how it's done, Tony rattled off two bullets, a second and third to win by five points over Ted Bartlewski in second and Mike Ingham in third. 

Read more about the sailing, the regatta and the sailors here.

J/109 WHISKEY JACK Wins China Cup

(Hong Kong, China)-  The China Cup consists of passage racing and around the buoys racing over the course of a weeklong bacchanalian festival of sailing the gorgeous China Seas.  As usual the Royal Hong Kong YC were fabulous hosts and ran a terrific regatta.  The passage race from Hong Kong to Longcheer last Friday was an uneventful affair which went to a short finish at 'the corner'.  The start was notable for a General Recall for one of the fleets; this allowed the combined IRC A and B fleets to get away in clear air. 

Saturday was a washout. After a delayed start to the program, to allow Government officials to get to Opening Ceremony (taking place on the second day of the regatta - go figure), the breeze failed to cooperate and the fleet floated around from 1200 hrs to 1630 hrs when the RO signaled ‘AP over A’ and we all went ashore.  In the interim, entertainment was provided by skinny-dipping Russians, a display of spreader-diving, and large numbers of water-fights – all good stuff as crews sat ‘on the grill’ in the uncharacteristically hot October sunshine right next to Daya Bay nuclear power station.

Sunday’ forecast was for more breeze – lots more breeze – and it was plum right.  Nothing less that 10 kts, and a max of 17 kts, made for good racing on the flat water of Da Ya Wan. Once again, a class act from the Royal Hong Kong YC race management team, and all divisions completed two windward-leewards and a triangle-sausage-sausage geometric, thereby making back one of the races lost yesterday.

Star of the show all day was Nick Southward’s J/109 WHISKEY JACK, scoring 1-1-2 in IRC B, and leading the combined A and B fleets over the line in the second race of the day. 'The boys were on fire' said Southward later. 'They sailed their socks off today, it was hard work.'   The program continues.....hope for the best for J-109 sailors Nick and crew!

For more sailing and regatta information, please go to Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

J/109 MAJIKAL Wins Port Hacking-Botany Bay Race

(Port Hacking, Australia- October 3rd)-  On the same windy, wild weather day the Sydney based yachts were sailing down the coast to Botany Bay, the Port Hacking river based yachts were sailing north.  The Port Hacking river is a beautiful part of the Sydney region, about 25 nm south from Sydney harbor.  

Keith Wilson's  J/109 MAJIKAL finished first in his division in the Port Hacking to Botany Bay Short Ocean Race. He is delighted with the J/109’s performance in all conditions.  Says Keith "this boat is bloody magical the way it sails in all conditions the southerlies can throw at us-- love it!  Be great to have a few more down here to mess around with!"

Grant Thornton Ocean Pointscore Series

J/35 SOUNDTRACK Sashays to Bruising Win
(Sydney, Australia- October 3rd)-  Blustery southerly winds and squally rains greeted the fleet for Race One of the Grant Thornton Short Ocean Pointscore Series.  The first race of the series was raced on Saturday, 3 October 2009, in wintery conditions and was conducted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club. In what is becoming a tradition for this race, the southerly winds and squally rains that greeted the sixteen intrepid and enthusiastic competitors appeared to be a re-run from previous year's events.  Due to the 2-3 metre swells experienced off shore, the race committee was unable to lay the marks out past the "Sydney Harbor Heads", so they made the decision to send Division 1 yachts to Botany Bay and back.

For Ray Entwistle’s J/122 JACKPOT it was an exhilarating day’s racing. “We flew the 140sq.m asymmetric kite from the Shark Island start to the heads, turned the corner and the crew hit the rail for the beat down the coast to Botany Bay.  The winds were averaging 25 knots, gusting over 30 knots at times, and the rain felt like small hail stones hitting our faces. The waves washed away the last of the red dust that remained from the dust storm, which had infiltrated every crevice of the boat.  We lost some time when we missed a wind shift and that allowed the fleet to get away from us,” said Entwistle.

“Turning into Botany Bay, we had a few minutes respite from the weather. We rounded the mark and set the new heavy weather spinnaker off the bowsprit for what was a joyride back home.  We hit a new top boat speed of 18.6knots in JACKPOT, averaging  14 knots. It felt like it only took 10 minutes to get to Bondi – the boat was flying and the crew were loving it,” concluded Entwistle.

JACKPOT finished third in IRC Division 2.   Tim Cox’s J/35 SOUNDTRACK finished first in IRC Division 3, the course set in-harbour due to the rough sea conditions.

J's Dominate Gascoigne Cup

J/35 and J/122 Lead Australian Racing Season
(Sydney, Australia- October 24th)-  The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron’s historic Gascoigne Cup sailed into its second century today with victory on PHS going to prominent yachtsman Tim Cox in his J/35 SOUNDTRACK.  Tim Cox, a retired senior RAN officer, is well known as Chairman of the Race Committee for the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and is also a member of the Sailing Committee of the RSYS.

Ray Entwistle’s J/122 JACKPOT won IRC Class, reveling in the light south-easterly breeze of 8-14 knots.  “The J/122 just glided through the swell off the heads of Sydney, we had great height and excellent speed. Even though it was a windward / leeward course, we ran just as deep as the symmetrical rigged boats with our 155 sq.m running kite designed by Ian Short Sailmakers.  The conditions were a far cry from the race 3 weeks ago when the winds were gusting over 30 knots with a 2-3 metre swell on which we were planing at over 18 knots at times. The J/122 excels in every condition the Sydney climate throws at us.”

SUBARU J/105 North Americans a Power Play

Stone Overcomes Slow Start to Win
(Rye, NY- Nov 1) - Bruce Stone racing POWER PLAY secured victory at the Subaru J/105 North American Championship at American Yacht Club in Rye, NY. After stumbling out of the gate on the first day with a 6-15-10, the San Francisco-based team’s comeback hit overdrive on the third day when they won all three races to vault them to the top of the standings; garnering four firsts in a row since the last race the day before. A manageable 5-4 on the final day guaranteed their win.

The fleet was blessed by remarkably variable conditions over the four days of racing with plenty of wind from all four quadrants.  Whomever prevailed was going to have overcome significant challenges to overcome a very strong and deep fleet of talented sailors racing in this year's North Americans.

It all started out on Thursday with light to medium breezes out of the ENE.; competitors were greeted with blue skies, temperatures in the 50s and winds between 8-12 knots that diminished throughout the three races.  James Rathbun of Toronto, Ontario with world renowned World Champion Canadian sailor Terry McLaughlin in the afterguard calling tactics and boat speed led the 28 boat fleet after three races; their J/105 HEY JUDE finished with eight points for the day.  A perennial J/105 Champion Brian Keane from Weston, MA sailing SAVASANA ended the day in second with eleven points. One point behind were New York Long Island Sound locals Joerg Esdorn and Duncan Hennes on KINCSEM with twelve points.

On Friday, competitors enjoyed brisk fall conditions on Long Island Sound. Winds blew between SSE 10-14 knots, and temperatures remained in the 50. This day belonged to Joerg Esdorn and Duncan Hennes on KINCSEM who scored a 1-1-3. After six total races, the Katonah, NY team sat with seventeen total points; an enormous twenty point lead over their closest competition. James Rathbun HEY JUDE didn't have such a great day and dropped to second place overall. Josh Burack on PEREGRINA (New Rochelle, NY) rounded out the top three with forty points.  Following Esdorn/Hennes in Race 4 were Rob Marsh on BLOWBOAT and Bruce Stone on POWER PLAY.  Foreshadowing what was to come the next day, the POWER PLAY team finally got off the starting line clean and led the fleet around the race track, trailed by HEY JUDE and KINCSEM.

Saturday's racing dawned grey and nasty.   The forecast was equally as bad- rain, gusty winds 15-30 knots out of the SSW.  It was also a day that produced dramatic and significant changes amongst the fleet leaders.   In a remarkable display of consistency and outright boatspeed, POWERPLAY won all three races on day three--- a feat never achieved before- four consecutive victories in a row at a J/105 North American Championship.  Following POWER PLAY in Race 7 were Joerg Esdorn and Duncan Hennes on KINCSEM and Damian Emery on ECLIPSE.  In second place in Race 8 was George Wilbanks racing REVELATION, then KINCSEM in third. Trailing POWER PLAY in the day’s final contest were Kevin Grainger on GUMPTION 3 and Paul Strauch on ANDIAMO.

It was readily apparent to the fleet leaders, POWER PLAY, HEY JUDE and KINCSEM that anyone of the three had reasonable odds to win the overall championship as only ten points separated all three boats with two races to go.  To add to the drama, the forecast was for light-medium shifty, very streaky winds from the NNW-NNE off the northern Long Island Sound (Connecticut) shore.  Despite two less than stellar starts, POWER PLAY managed to extricate themselves from literally the bottom of the fleet to win the regatta.   Two races were completed on the final day of the championship. Jeremy Henderson and Harald Edegran on CONUNDRUM ended the regatta on a perfect note, winning both contests. KINCSEM followed CONUNDRUM in Race 10, then Kenneth Colburn on GHOST. In the concluding race, Damian Emery on ECLIPSE came in second.  POWER PLAY sailed two remarkable come-back races to garner a 5-4 to win the regatta.  HEY JUDE sailed beautifully to get a 3-4 to finish second overall.  And, KINCSEM seemingly couldn't buy a shift, getting a 2-19 to finish the regatta in third overall.

The winning San Francisco-based team on POWER PLAY, consisting of skipper Bruce Stone, Stuart Johnstone, Nicole Breault, Bob Dearborn, Mark Lindquist and Dave Marshall, finished with 55 points over 11 races, beating their closest competitor by nine points overall.  The J/105 NA's concluded a remarkable season for Bruce Stone's team-- having won the ROLEX Block Island Race Week and nearly won a second watch at the ROLEX Big Boat Series with a close second.

Complete daily and overall results for all four days of sailing, plus regatta reports.

Ice Cup Sailing in Sweden

(Stockholm, Sweden)- The season is not over!  On November 14-15, the Stockholm Match Race Center is hosting their infamously fun Ice Cup.  For those of you who have not yet tested the concept, you get to race on six purpose-built J/92 sailboats provided by the organizer.  Everyone races in a round-robin match race format and the best re-qualify for a winners/ repechage bracket.  Lunch is provided both days and dinner on Saturday evening is included- a great shindig and a great band!  In addition, a fabulous Swedish sauna is promised for those who need to thaw out after the racing-- sounds yummy!  Remember, it's not uncommon for the Barbary sheep to be shoveling away the season's first snow on the boats before the race; charming thought, eh?  The Stockholm Match Race Center was founded in 2005 by Bjorn Hansen, one of Europe's most qualified match racing sailors. Their operations are on Lidingö in Stockholm.  They manage and organize commercial racing events, corporate sailing and train and educate the Swedish elite in match racing. Regatta Details, sailing instructions and invitation.

2010 J/80 European Championship Sailing on Lake Garda

(Lago di Garda, Italy)- Get ready for some fantastic sailing on the famous, windy Lake Garda next summer, as the Italian J/80 Class Association invites you to the 2010 European Championships.  The event will be hosted by Fraglia Vela Malcesine Yacht Club and take place June 21-26. The Italian National Championship will be held two weeks prior (June 11-13) at the same venue.   Italian hospitality is renowned and the FVM YC promises that this will be one of the BEST European one-design events ever held on the Continent.   Put it on your schedule now, book a gorgeous villa with lots of friends, eat lots of tasty, fresh Italian pasta cuisine, enjoy great Italian red and white wines and go have a great time!  The event weblink is up and running and complete sailing instructions, sailing venue and other regatta information will be posted there in the near future.

J/95 Demos in Full Swing

Go to Sunny, Warm Florida, Texas and Chesapeake!
After the strong showing at the Newport and Annapolis Boatshows, interest in the J/95 continues to grow as sailors look to expand their sailing and cruising horizons with J's newest, innovative design- a 31 foot shoal-draft sailboat that draws 3 feet, can go upwind at 6.5 knots, surf off-the-wind at 8.5+ knots with the simple asymmetric spinnaker and can be turned on a dime with its twin-rudder wheel steering system.

Be sure to contact the J/Dealers for a showing and/or demo of the incredibly fun and cool J/95:

- Florida- Crosscurrent Marine- Craig Crossley- P: (401) 330-6135/ E:

- Texas- J/Boats Southwest- Scott Spurlin-  P: (940) 591-7040/ E:

- Chesapeake- Northpoint Yacht Sales- Ken Comerford- P: (410) 961-5254 / E:

For more information, please contact J/Boats at Ph- +1-401-846-8410 or email -

Go Sailing at New York's CITY SAIL Sailing School!

CitySail is a learn-to-sail organization that introduces city youth to the sport of sailing every day.  There are inumerable examples around the world.  Nevertheless, here is a heartwarming story that we felt should be shared with the J/Communithy:  "Simone is 15 and too old and too cool to be bothered with all the boys seeking her attention (pictured at right).  She won’t come to our after school center because she feels like she is too old for that stuff.  But she’s just the right age to sail.  This summer her mom signed her up for City Sail and she reluctantly came to the first class.  We were teaching nautical terminology to all the kids.  Simone was one of the quickest kids in the class.  Later that week when for the first time in her life she stepped on to a sailboat, she feigned indifference.  But once a boat leaves the dock, all the fronting stops.  Kids either beg to go up on the bow and get rocked by the waves for the sheer joy of it, or they hang on for dear life.  Simone was one of the former.  All the layers of smug superiority melted off her face as the wind and the waves pulled the laughter and surprise out of her.  By the middle of the summer I was trusting Simone with the tiller in an 18 knot wind.  On one such occasion I leaned over and asked her how many of her friends at school had ever sailed in such a wind.  She smiled the smile of someone who has just realized their own achievement and said, “NONE!”

She wasn’t quite right.  Over the last five years we’ve taken out over 100 Jersey City school children.  This is a huge privilege for us.  Although the kids live within a mile of some of the most exciting visually stimulating sailing around, they literally never get out on the water.  They might as well live 1000 miles from the water for as much as they are able to enjoy it - until City Sail.  "Without City Sail I'd never have learned to sail," says Derrik age 14.  Dozens of children entered our free sailing school and competed for points through three
levels of seamanship.  Our top point scorers this year were invited to apprentice for a week on a working 80 foot schooner.  Next year we would like to make this opportunity available to even more kids.  We are looking  to add a J/24 to our fleet.  Anyone interested in helping us can contact us at  All contributions or boat donations are fully tax exempt.

KOS Sailing Photos Among World's Best?

Every once in awhile, we come across some extraordinary achievements by friends of the J/Community that ought to be recognized.  "Kos" happens to be one of them. Back in 1991, Stu Johnstone was sailing his J/44 J-HAWK in the Spi Ouest Regatta in La Trinite Sur Mer.   Working with Stu at the time to take care of J-HAWK was a young Englishman, Rick Deppe (see PUMA media site).  Another friend came along and said a young English girl named "Kos" needed some help on a photo shoot.  On a spectacular sunset evening after racing, Stu, Rick and Kos took off on J-HAWK to help Kos complete her photo assignment.  Since then, Kos has grown KOS PICTURES into the principal photo library/ stock house for over 200 yachting/ sailing photographers around the world.  To celebrate that talent, take a moment to appreciate this extraordinary J/80 photo.

Texas J/80 North Americans

Klinger Grabs Three-Peat
(Houston, TX- October 23-25)- Kerry Klingler has been sailing J/80s for a number of years.  Yet, despite the talent and the CV that might favor a "three-peat", Kerry was perhaps the least confident of the class leaders going into this year's J/80 North Americans.  With six previous J/80 North American Champions in attendance, including a current J/22 International Class World Champion Terry Flynn, it was not readily apparent who would come out on top of the heap of such a talented group of sailors.  As Terry said. "it was closest competition ever in NAs amongst the top could've gone either way."

The first day was perhaps the best for the fleet as it was a windy, puffy northerly gusting to twenty knots on Galveston Bay.  It made for difficult conditions to stay consistently in the top five against the tough fleet of NA Champions.  On the second day, there was no wind in the morning and the fleet had to wait for a light, shifty sea breeze to develop out of the southeast.  By the third day of racing, a solid sea breeze filled in making for extremely tight, fun racing amongst everyone-- the very tight mark roundings had an enormous impact on race outcomes. 

Prevailing through the smoke and fog of battle was Kerry Klingler and team again aboard their J/80 LIFTED with a  1-4-1-5-[13]-1-4-5 record for  a total of 21 points.  Hanging tough was Terry and David Flynn, finishing second with a 3-1-[8]-7-1-5-3-2 for 22 total points! Third overall was Glenn and Reese Darden sailing LE TIGRE to a 4-2-6-[10]-5-4-2-3 record for 26 points.  Special mention must be made of Jay Lutz- the victim of an extraordinary accident at the J/80 Worlds in Santander, Spain.  Now fully recovered, Jay "feels like new again" and sailed to a respectable fourth overall onboard the appropriately named PAINKILLER JANE with a  6-[9]-4-4-3-3-7-1 tally for 28 points.

For more sailing information and regatta results.

Manhasset Fall Series Weekend Blowout

(Manhasset, NY- Oct. 17-18 &24-25)- The Manhasset Fall Series concluded with a wild and woolly weekend sailing on Western Long Island Sound.  True to the forecasts, Saturday blew hard with 20-35 knot winds from the Southwest with driving rain and uncharacteristically warm weather.  Sunday dawned bright, cool and clear with 10-20 knots shifty and puffy from the northwest, dying as the day wore on and shifting more north.

Amongst the fifteen boat J/105 One-Design Class, Kevin Grainger and the gang prevailed against all competitors and sailed well to win overall with fourteen points on their J/105 GUMPTION 3.  Strong Long Island Sound sailor Damian Emery and his contingent onboard ECLIPSE finished with eighteen points.  And, Nathan Boyle sailing his JOYSEA finished third with 28 points.

In the fun, competitive J/44 One-Design Class, Jeff Willis took CHALLENGE IV to an overall win with thirteen points.  Following closely behind was Bill Ketcham on MAXINE.  Jim Bishop and crew on GOLD DIGGER managed to hang in there with some tough competition and finish third with seventeen points. 

A trio of J/122s continued to race after their J/122 North Americans, the Stamford- Vineyard Race and the American YC Fall Series to close out their Northeast season with the Manhasset Fall Series.  Andrew Weiss' CHRISTOPHER DRAGON won IRC3A Class with eight points and just behind were Jamie Anderson's AVALANCHE from Port Washington YC with sixteen points and George Marks' GEORGETOWN III from North Shore YC with twenty two points.

For more sailing regatta information and results.