Tuesday, January 17, 2012

J/30 Class Continues Healthy Growth

J/30 one-design class sailors- Girl Power!* The J/30 Class continues its healthy growth over the past few years.  Credit the "Bill & Dave Show" for making it happen, keeping the J/30 gang organized, having fun and, most importantly, keeping it all in perspective.  Apparently 75 "official class members" agree!  Wonderful stuff.  It's also a model for ANY J/Class organization to keep their members involved, informed and enjoying what you love to do the most-- "simply messing around in boats" and sharing it with family and friends (sure helps that they're fun boats to sail, too!).  Here are some excerpts from Bill & Dave's 2012 New Year's Welcome message to the J/30 Class:

"The word 'camaraderie' means: Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.  We are very proud of our class as we have developed a sailing leadership image over the years. We have overcome our differences of opinions through various levels of diverse thinking. Across the nation, we have developed a lot of lifelong friends in our class. We are thankful to have the best people with a focus of family.  With a goal to keep the costs of our sport low, let’s work together to produce a class built on the basic foundations of sportsmanship and camaraderie. We are like a softball league on water. As the economic times improve and the new sailing season begins, give yourself a pat on the back for creating a world in which we compete, laugh, collaborate and succeed on and off of the water.

After reading Nicholas Hayes book Saving Sailing, it's clear that we need more families sailing together. Let’s host more junior regattas and act as mentors to younger sailors.  The J/30 is a perfect boat to help Save Sailing."

Perhaps one of the best things a class can do is provide "recognition awards" for how various individuals contribute to the "cause".  This year's J/30 President's Recognition Awards go to:
 - North Americans– David McConaughly- with Hampton based crew aboard WHITE BOAT
 - Newest Member to Finish Top 5 at NAs– Whitney Kent- with TEAM RAFIKI from Milwaukee, WI
 - Media– Molly Winans- for coverage of multiple J/30 events in Spinsheet Magazine.
 - Funniest Video– Bob Rutsch- watch this video- pretty darn amusing.
 - Sailor Recruitment– Vic Farmer- who created a youth sailing program in Naples
 - Training Videos– Vic Farmer – check many of them out on the J/30 forum
 - Innovative Story– Dell Todd – check out his story on the J/30 website
If you would like to recognize a J/30 class member for accomplishment visit this forum thread.