Friday, January 13, 2012

Musor's J/130 SCEPTRE Cruising Fast!

J/130 Sceptre sailing fast on Baha Haja!* Bob Musor sails his J/130 SCEPTRE just about everywhere on the West Coast of America, from California to Mexico on multiple occasions.  Who can blame him?  Gorgeous sailing, gorgeous waters, dolphins and whales swimming everywhere in the Baja, tasty fishing and so forth.  We wanted to share Bob's Happy New Year note to us:

"Happy New Year!  Stuart et al. I was cleaning out my email and came across this little video of my J/130 SCEPTRE rolling a 44 foot boat during the 2009 Baja Haha cruising race down the coast.  We were about 40 miles off the coast of Baja and about 100 miles NW of Cabo St. Lucas.

As a long time J-Boat owner (32 years and counting), I read your newsletter each week and enjoy watching the evolution of J-Boats and the new group of sailors coming up.

There is more to J-Boats than buoy racing and "Fast Cruising" is certainly among the fun things one can do with a J-Boat.  Best wishes to you and the J/Family in the New Year!

Fair Winds and following seas-  Bob Musor- J130 #25 Sceptre"

Watch the YouTube video here of Bob's fast sailing adventure off Mexico