Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sardinia J/70 "Elements Race" Announcement

J/70 sailing off Sardinia, Italy
(Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy)- Guglielmo Fontana-Rava, the Italian founder of the “Elements Race”, had a brilliant insight one day, thinking- - why not combine what sailors like to do a lot of- race sailboats and, vicariously, race their cars in traffic as they search for the fastest, shortest routes to work and back!  It’s all navigation and tactics, after all!

Sailors, no matter where you are in the world, seem to be on this same wavelength, whether in Monaco, Cowes, Newport, Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland, Hamburg, Cannes, or Buenos Aires.  And, so Guglielmo’s vision became a reality.  As he said, “our formula is a biathlon which combines Sailing and Off-road rally racing into a unique challenge for teams!  It is a lot of fun and sailors in Italy met our ‘test’ event last year quite enthusiastically.  Now, we want to broaden participation to the rest of the world, limited to just 12 twelve teams by application to race J/70s and road rally on four-wheel ATV’s!”

J/70 ATV regattaFrom September 21st to 24th, the second edition of the Elements Race will be sailing the fleet of twelve J/70s from the famous YC Costa Smeralda in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.  All J/Boat owners, sailors and friends are invited to learn more about the event and, hopefully, some will participate and have a wonderful time on the magical island of Sardinia- one of the true treasures in the Mediterranean!  You simply cannot beat the setting, a gorgeous archipelago of islands off the northern shores of Sardinia, aquamarine waters clear to a depth of 25 meters, and extraordinary Mediterranean weather (great for your skin, a tonic for your soul)!  Remember, road rallies are simply time-based, not speed oriented, so the key is to maintain an average speed on your off-road ATV so that you pass each “timing point” at exactly the time you are supposed to pass it.  So, if you take a wrong turn or simply goof up your timing, you are penalized points- the winner of a rally is NOT who went fastest, but who was the most precise team navigating the course- perfect for couples (one drives, one calculates and navigates!).

For more information about this soon-to-be “bucket list” event, please contact Guglielmo Fontana-Rava at phone- +31-6-46608330 or email-   For more Elements Race (J/70 + ATV) information, please click here. Add to Flipboard Magazine.