Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bayerischer YC Takes German J/70 Sailing League- Act II

J/70 german sailing league upwind (Lindau, Germany)- After the start of the season at the end of April, in the snow-covered Prien am Chiemsee regatta, the 36 clubs of the 1st and 2nd sailing league gathered together in Lindau on Lake Constance for the second act of their season long series. In addition to Segel-und Motorboot Club Uberligin (SMCÜ), five other sailing clubs from southern Germany are at the forefront in the first sailing league.

"We are extremely proud that our Lindauer Segler Club is the host of the best sailors in Germany this weekend", explains the Chairman of the Lindauer Segler Club, Karl-Christian Bay. "In the Bundesliga the best clubs in Germany often consist of former Olympic athletes and squad sailors. It's fascinating and exciting to see how much commitment, team spirit, and passion are expressed by all the teams in the event!!"

Showing up in style and determined to make their impression on the fleet, the Bavarian Yacht Club (BYC) earned their victory on their home waters at high summer temperatures and light wind conditions. The racing was extremely close for the top five teams, separated by only six points for the top four after 50+ (yes FIFTY) plus races for the fleet!!

J/70 Audi germany sailboats leagueThe victory was not determined until the 46th race when the Bavarian Yacht Club (Maximilian Hibler, Julian Autenrieth, Raoul Heraeus, Leopold Lindner) delivered an exciting duel with their closest competitor, the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (NRV), and then with a scarce advantage. "We did  not expect to be so far ahead. The first place is a great surprise for us," enthused the Bavarian YC skipper Maximilian Hibler.

The NRV took second place, closely followed by the Lindauer Segler-Club (LSC), which could take home advantage in weak, changing light winds and finished third. "Our strategy went on and in the last race we had a great start. If we had not had an early start, it would have been even better!”  said Veit Hemmeter from the LSC.

The reigning German champion, the Deutscher Touring YC, won the last race on Saturday (48th race in Flight 16) and ended up in sixth place. Rounding out the top five after BYC, NRV and LSC were SMCU and KAR (Klub am Rupenhorn).

J/70 crew Germany sailing league interviewIn three weeks, the teams are going to Kiel, where the third act of the German Sailing Bundesliga 2017 will take place at the beginning of Kiel Week (17-19 June)!!  Exciting times for all teams as they look forward to sailing on open waters- the Baltic Sea!!

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