Friday, June 2, 2017

Joy @ Almere Regatta For 80s & 109s

J/80s sailing off the Netherlands (Almere, The Netherlands)- Perhaps the biggest opening regatta of the season for Benelux/ Dutch sailors in the J/80 and J/109 classes is the Almere Regatta hosted by WSV Flevomare.  It was tight competition in the J/80 class, but in the J/109s it was clear that a “schooling” was taking place that many other boats needed to learn from to continue to pursue a better summer season.

Starting with the J/80s, an eight-boat fleet produced tremendous racing over a seven-race series.  In the end, it was the last race that truly determined the outcome for the regatta.  Winning was the Roel & Torsten team on JOYRIDE by just one point over Robert Raadsheer’s JETZT GEHTS LOS crew.  Just two points back with 17 points was Jorrit Beekman’s JSB.  Rounding out the top five was Bernhard Holsboer’s JUUL with 21 pts in 4th place and Louis Kanters’ JIP in 5th with 25 pts.

The Netherlands J/109 class saw a rabbit take off in flight, never to be seen again!  Winning was top woman skipper Caroline van Beelen-Rutger Kri on her JACK RABBIT with an astounding record of seven 1sts and one 2nd- tossing out a 1st and 2nd to win with just all 1sts!  Ouch!!  Talk about a “spanking” of her J/109 fleet, she showed how it’s done with a fast girl on the wheel!  Taking second a country mile behind was Arjen van Leeuwen’s JOULE with 17 pts, third was Team Heiner Talents on TEAM HEINER 4 with 19 pts, fourth was Dennis Zuidam’s JAM SESSION with 19 pts (losing the tie-breaker), and fifth was Arnout Jorritsma’s MAJIC with 20 pts.   Follow the Almere Regatta on FB here   For more Almere Regatta sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.