Thursday, June 7, 2018

Race for Prostate Cancer Awareness!

J/88 Chicago-Mackinac Singlehanded RaceCome'on Man, Help Fellow Sailors!
(Chicago, IL)- It’s the thing guys don’t talk about but, 1-in-9 men will get prostate cancer and 1-in-40 will die from it! Most men don’t even know what the prostate does. This is not just a sailboat race, but a race for you! Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for men in America behind lung cancer!

Richie Stearns, the Chicago/ Midwest J/Boats dealer commented on his personal experience:

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I would have thought there were only one or two options for treatment when you are diagnosed. Well, it turns out there are all kinds of options available and no one seems to know which is best. It ends up being a very personal decision, on which treatment is right for you. I went to University of Chicago on the recommendation of a fellow sailor.

J/88 sailing singlehanded offshoreI am doing this race to raise funds so the University of Chicago can better explain the options available to you if it happens to you or a loved one. In addition, after the treatment or surgery there is very little information on what to expect and what to do to get back to normal. I have struggled with what to do post-surgery and have done all kinds of research on my own. It is disheartening when much of the information is old, and not just old, but plainly wrong. I hope we can raise funds so more men can understand options available to them and what they can or have to do to live a normal life.

This sailing event will raise money so you will be able to get the knowledge you will need if it happens to you. Cancer is not something that always happens to someone else.

Please give so we can help everyone make knowledgeable decisions that will affect their future.”

Please donate here on University of Chicago/ Medicine & Biological Sciences site-

Richie is racing the J/88 HOLY SMOKES in the 22nd running of the Solo Chicago Mackinac Challenge that starts on June 22, 2018.  It is a 289nm non-stop race across Lake Michigan, from Chicago to Mackinac Island.  It usually takes between 55 and 80 hours of racing for the twenty-seven boats currently registered.  If you wish to contact Rich Stearns about the race or his experience- cell# 847-404-2209 or email-   Learn more about Richie’s Prostate Cancer Race challenge here
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