Monday, August 7, 2017


J/70 skipper- Alcatel J/70 Cup series (Scarlino, Italy)- The curtains falls on the 2017 edition of ALCATEL J/70 CUP, the national championship circuit promoted by the J/70 Italian Class and organized with as an open event that allowed crews from anywhere to join the already enormous Italian fleet in one of the most popular J/70 one-design circuits around the world.

A total of 101 teams from different nineteen countries participated in the events held in San Remo, Malcesine, Riva del Garda and Scarlino.  Crews came from the Cayman Islands to Norway, from Turkey to the USA! Many arrived in Italy to start training with the fleet that will also compete in the AUDI J/70 World Championship, to be held in Porto Cervo, Sardinia in September at YC Costa Smeralda.

J/70 crew- Calvi NetworkWith two victories out of the four events, it was CALVI NETWORK’s owner/skipper- Carlo Alberini- that affirmed they were one of the fastest boats in the fleet.  His crew included Branko Brcin, Karlo Hmeljak and Sergio Blosi.

Second and third place in the overall ALCATEL J/70 CUP ranking go, respectively, to the two-time European Champion Claudia Rossi aboard PETITE TERRIBLE, and to the European Champions of 2015- Luca Domenici’s Team NOTARO.

Claudia Rossi's Petite Terrible sailing teamIn the Corinthians division, Gianfranco Noè’s team won all the events to become the indisputable leader of the fleet. Significantly, they were also a team that was good enough to take 5th place in the overall “open” ranking for all teams!  The balance of the podium was completed by Alessandro Zampori’s MAGIE DAS SAILING TEAM and by Marco Schirato’s JAWS TOO!

Congratulations to the American team that won the Scarlino Act IV of the ALCATEL J/70 CUP series, Peter Duncan’s RELATIVE OBSCURITY from American YC in Rye, New York!  It was Peter’s first, and only, participation in any leg of the national circuit- his crew included Jud Smith, Willem van Waay, and Ian Liberty.  Second behind them in the event was Claudia Rossi’s PETITE TERRBILE, followed by Alberini’s CALVI NETWORK.

ALCATEL J/70 CUP sailing video
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