Sunday, July 2, 2017

Segel Club Enge Wins J/70 Swiss Sailing League- Act III

J/70 Swiss team sailing league (Estavayer, Switzerland)- Excellent wind and weather conditions crowned the end of the third stage of the Swiss Sailing Challenge League on Lake Neuchâtel. In an open and exciting competition until the last race, the Segelclub Enge (Zurich) sailed well to win five races and win the regatta in Estavayer.  Taking second was Segelclub Murten and taking third was Club Nautique de Versoix.

The SC Enge team, led by Christian Sprecher, shined particularly well in the light winds on Saturday. With three victories in the first three heats, the Zurich-based team came out unbeaten from the first day of competition and took the lead in front of Segelclub Männedorf and YC Kreuzlingen.

J/70 Swiss sailing league sailorsA cool Beaufort 2-3 wind blew on Sunday from the west, which altered the balance of power. Morat started the day with two wins and caught up with SC Enge. The Nautical Club of Versoix, which had been leading the overall series, responded favorably to windier conditions and, as a result, skipper Mathieu Cadei and his team took third place with excellent results.

The victory at Estavayer enabled SC Enge to take the overall lead in the Swiss Sailing Challenge League. CN Versoix is now in second place based on the tiebreaker at 6 pts each. Both clubs have a good chance of getting into the Swiss Sailing Super League. Ranked in third place is Yachtclub Kreuzlingen that also aspires to return to the highest Swiss National Sailing League. The decision will be made after the summer break in the final from 25 to 27 August in Davos.  Follow the Swiss J/70 sailing league on Facebook here.   For more Swiss J/70 Sailing League information. Add to Flipboard Magazine.