Monday, July 3, 2017

J/121 Offshore Speedster Update- June 2017

J/121 offshore speedster deck(Newport, RI)- It’s an exciting time at CCF Composites in Bristol as deck hardware installation is nearing completion on hull #1 and the newly molded interior structure and components are bonding into the hull.  The prototype shop is just finishing up the final interior molds including the aft head and bulkheads.  CCF Composites is on target to complete the first seven boats during 2017.

The twin composite wheels look great mounted on the twin Jefa pedestals.  Note the clearance between the outer wheel rim and the cockpit edge so the driver can easily transition between various driving positions (forward of wheel, straddling the wheel, and aft of the wheel).

J/121 Jefa rudderThe rudder is beautifully finished and spot-on the template shape thanks to Jefa’s use of a precision-milled aluminum rudder mold.  The J/121 is the first J to take advantage of Jefa’s fully integrated steering system including rudder, rudder bearings, quadrant, steering pedestals and internal steering components.

The molds for the water ballast tanks are just completed.  The top of the tanks will be approximately 12” below the side deck to allow for the air venting runs and to provide a useable storage shelf in both the aft head and aft cabins.  For more J/121 Offshore speedster sailboat information Add to Flipboard Magazine.