Friday, November 11, 2016

SCOOBY Tops J/22 Mid-Atlantic Championship

J/22s sailing on Chesapeake Bay (Annapolis, MD)- On the same course as the J/24 East Coasts, but racing only Saturday and Sunday (thankfully), the J/22 fleet had a great turnout for their Mid-Atlantic Championships.  Seventeen boats showed up to race with many new faces in the crowd, such as Brady Stagg, JR Maxwell, Kira Munger, Lorenzo Carrera and Gunnar Gode.

It was definitely the type of regatta where you start the day thinking, "I'm getting too old for this," and end it thinking, "really? We aren't going to run just one more race?!”

J/22 sailing around markOn-the-water organization by Severn Sailing Association was fantastic, and off the water the party planning paid off big time!  Again, the annual J/22 Mid-Atlantic “Flip Cup” Championship proving that these people won't stop trying to trounce each other even when they're at a partaaay!!  No question, the evidence of far too many beer showers was seen everywhere!

JR Maxwell’s SCOOBY and Zeke Horowitz’s UNCLE FLUFFY both had great regattas, with Horowitz ending up on top the first day. But, on Sunday, Maxwell took the opportunity to really stretch his legs and go for a run, leaving the fleet on the horizon behind him for three races (impressive, since his lucky little brother wasn't onboard). The fleet never lets any one boat stay on top for long, though, so we can't wait to see what happens this spring.

Behind the two leaders, it was Jeff Todd’s HOT TODDY that took third, followed by Brady Stagg on USA 111 in fourth and Chris Jung’s CORNER OF SANITY & MADNESS in fifth place.  Top woman skipper was Kira Munger on USA 469 in 10th place.   Sailing photo credits- Dan Phelps/   For J/22 Mid-Atlantic Championship sailing information