Monday, November 7, 2016

Bavarian YC Wins Deutscher Junior Sailing League Finale

J/70 Junior League winners- Germany (Kohlfleet, Germany)- For the Junior Sailing League finale in Germany, a premiere event took place in two ways: 1) the junior sailing league for Under 21 sailors was held for the first time in the northern part of Germany using the one-design J/70 fleet; and 2) the Köhlfleet was almost unknown as a sailing center, but the organizing authority- Mühlenberger Segel-Club- made the decision to explore new terrain and bring this exciting sailing format to more sailors.

In cooperation with the Elbseglervereinigung, the participating teams were able to offer an almost perfect environment and the spectators “sailing sport” literally right off the shore.  Just dozens of yards away from the beautiful town squares, the teams passed by with their brightly colored spinnakers.  It was poetry in motion, as they say, simply spectacular views for everyone onshore.

J/70 Junior League sailing in GermanyIn total, 15 races were completed with moderate winds and bright sunshine. Numerous leadership changes kept the tension high. In the end, the local champions from the Mühlenberger Segel-club (Jacob Ahlers, Anton Schroeder, Tom Luis Schönfeldt and Moritz Jung) clearly dominated their guests from Flensburg.  The MSC crew enjoyed their great victory and the obligatory champagne shower!

Behind the Bavarian Yacht-Club winners were Potsdamer YC in second and the Württembergischer YC in third.

Thanks to the support of the Heinz-Nixdorf club, as well as Frosta, Deutsche See, Carroux Caffee, Clown Sails and Budweiser, the teams that were on the scene experienced a great kick-off event for the North region. It turned out that even the teams from smaller clubs, who first sailed the J/70s in the regatta, were quick learners and quite competitive at the end. It was apparent everyone had fun, the camaraderie was excellent between the sailors and all are looking forward to 2017! The Junior Sailing League Rocks!   Deutscher Junior Sailing League YouTube video summary  Sailing photo credits- Lars Wehrmann   For more J/70 German Sailing League information