Saturday, September 17, 2016

Young skipper hauls the mail sailing J/105!

Young J/105 skipper sailing to Block Island (Stonington, CT)- So what is life like when cruising & day-sailing with family over the Labor Day weekend in New England as a young skipper on a J/105?

Well, here’s an endearing sailing video of 9 year-old Julian Kalehoff at the helm of the J/105 LAURA BEA, surfing from Stonington, CT to Block Island, RI on an absolutely spectacular day, with a bright sunny northwester breeze of 10-15 kts pushing them down the motorway!

“He’s warming up for next year’s Block Island Race Week Around Island Race,” father Max Kalehoff explains. “Julian cannot do this year’s J/105 North Americans at Larchmont YC, since his Mom will not let him miss school!”  Bummer, dude!!

When asked about halfway across their 15nm passage whether he needed “helm relief”, the young captain responded, “Dad, I’m not tired yet. You are on mainsheet! When can I have my peanut butter & jelly sandwich!”  Ha!  Gotta love it, tough kid!  Spoken like a true Captain Bligh in training!

In any event, enjoy this cute sailing video clip on