Saturday, March 2, 2013

J/70 TORQEEDO Sailing is a family affair!

(St Petersburg, FL)- Yes, indeed it is and they have a really fun time doing it, too, as evidenced by the wonderful time they had at the Sperry Topsider St Petersburg NOOD Regatta this past weekend!  Torqeedo's J/70 sailing team fielded the two youngest crew members in the regatta.  During the racing, Atlantic Marketing's Brandon Flack steered the boat with his wife, their 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. However, we have evidence that shows on Friday's light air racing, that "little Flack" took over the helm from his Dad and commandeered the ship!  "Avast ye mateys, man the oars and let us sally forth into the great unknown", someone overhead from nearby as the little guy took over--- oh dear, weren't they supposed to use those white sails?

"The J/70 was built to be an easy-to-own, high performance one-design that is exciting to sail and stable enough for the family," said Flack. "Adding a Torqeedo Travel 1003 electric motor makes perfect sense. It requires no maintenance and eliminates any concerns about gas storage or leakage. I'm thrilled to be able to demonstrate this concept with my own family."

And so, it was!  For Friday afternoon as well as on Saturday morning, you could see the great Viking ship TORQEEDO powering away on its mighty mite Torqeedo motor towing other boats and cruising merrily along without making a sound-- quite eerie, really, when all you hear around you was the "weed wacker motors" of the 2-cylinder outboard variety buzzing along next to you.

According to Brandon, "the Travel 1003 can push the 22.7' sailboat along at 6 knots. When cruising at 5 knots, it provides an 8-mile range on a single battery charge. Comparable to 3 hp and weighing only 31 lbs, the Travel 1003 is great for dinghies, tenders, Jon boats, fishing boats and sailboats up to 3,000 lbs. It can be rigged for remote throttle, too!"  For more info on these electric engines, check out: