Saturday, March 30, 2013

J/120 Detroit Fleet Preparing for Mackinac Raid!

(Detroit, MI)-  Yes.   Are these guys simply fun?  Or, just plain crazy?  Or, what?  In any case, they're "committed" and thank goodness they are.  In the dead of winter, one of the worst in years in Detroit (thanks to global warming, of course), J/120 owner Frank Kern (famously of CARINTHIA fame) recently took some photos of the J/120 teams preparing their berthing area at Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit for summer sailing in 2013.  Please note for all J/Sailors, they are experts (if not, professionals) at having fun!   Cool.  Literally.  Where's the J/120 on "three blades"-- the iceboat version, perhaps?

This year there will be six J/120s there at Bayview YC's "'J/Land" and they HAD to mark the area in the BYC marina for the fleet of J/120s to celebrate!!  Good on ya mates! Standing on frozen ice to commemorate the occasion!!   We love it.  :)