Friday, October 7, 2011


J/24s sailing Lake George Changing of Colors Regatta (Lake George, NY)-  With registration closed out at seventy boats, it was certain to be yet another epic adventure for ANY J/24 team showing up for that extraordinary experience known as the Changing of the Colors Regatta.  Sailed on Lake George, NY in the upper Adirondack Mountains, one cannot simply imagine a more picturesque place to sail in the world (except, perhaps our dear friends on Lago di Garda, Italy (or Lago Maggiore) or any of the Swiss/ Austrian lakes or even that famous lake at nose-bleed level in Lake Dillon, CO or in Argentina's Andes Mountains!).  Ok, we understand, it's bloody gorgeous and you should make it a point to put on your bucket list of sailing events ALL J/24 events that take place in "high elevations", none of which you'd ever want to miss because the charm of them are the people, the location and the crazy sailing!  Wouldn't you just love 90 degree shifts from 5 kts to 25 kts!

Aerosmith "Last Child" and Rattail Jimmy at Lake GeorgeNotwithstanding the highly entertaining value of sailing in such venues (remember, one beer a mile up is worth three on the ground!), the sailing can be fun and extremely competitive.  While the folks in Lake George worried about "tempests in a teapot" (or their "tea", God forbid) as Hurricane Irene passed by a bit too close, the party HAD to go ON!  And, "ON" it was for the rabid band of revelers that made the annual "Woodstock-like migration" to Lake George (for you history buffs, Woodstock is not that far away from this place).  The J/24 sailors were treated to yet another great event, the Lake George Club rolled out the "red carpet" and ensured the great sailing was complimented by great onshore festivities.   Forewarned, in this case, was forearmed!  "Dress for the 80's and get ready to party with "Rattail Jimmy" on Saturday night following dinner at the club!"  That they did, with many crews paying the price the next day.  An example of these characters here:

In the end, it looked like Travis Odenbach and crew continue "on a roll", demonstrating to many they could nearly win the party but still sail, too.  After only three races (due to a less than cooperative weather forecast), Travis's crew on WATERLINES won by a squeaker, their 2-1-6 for 9 pts just besting Dave Van Cleef's 3-5-2 on CAROLINA GIRL.  J/24 World Champion Tim Healy on 11th HOUR RACING sailed a dazzling/ not-so-dazzling 1-12-1 for 14 pts to snag third.  Following this crowd was the re-emergence of J/24 veteran Kirk Reynolds (like Tony Parker on BANGOR PACKET) sailing OKIE BOATING in fourth just two points back with 16 pts and fifth was John Whynacht from Canada (top foreigner) sailing STICKY FINGERS.  For more J/24 Changing of Colors sailing results.