Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NEW! J/Fest Winter Circuit

J/111 sailing one-design - offshore ultimate racer (Ft Lauderdale, FL)- Great news for J/Sailors worldwide!  A "J/Fest Winter Circuit" has been developed for Winter 2012 in Florida that encompasses J/111s, J/105s, J/109s and larger J's (J/120s, J/122s, J/124s, J/44s).  To that end, a regatta schedule for "big boat" J sailors that includes sailing once per month all winter includes the following dates and events:

1. Lauderdale- Key West- Jan 12-13- http://www.lyc.org (optional)
2. Quantum Key West Race Week- Jan 15-20- http://www.premiere-racing.com
3. WORC Ft Lauderdale- Feb 18-19- President's Day- http://www.bahiamarhotel.com/marina
4. WORC Ft Lauderdale- Mar 16-18- St Patrick's Day- http://www.bahiamarhotel.com/marina
5. Charleston Race Week- Apr 19-22- http://www.charlestonraceweek.com

So far, several J/111s, J/105s, J/120s and J/122s have expressed interest in a winter circuit based out of easy-to-access deep-water facilities in Fort Lauderdale- the Bahia Mar Marina and Hotel complex will be the base of operations for the regattas. 

Racing will be one-design (for fleets over 6 boats) and J/PHRF handicapping based on a TCF (time-on-time) correction using the J/Boats PHRF table- a guidline that can be reviewed here- http://www.jboats.com/sailboat-phrf-handicap.htm  Any questions?  Contact Rod J, his  contacts are on the J/PHRF page.  An NOR will be posted soon!

A complete, professional "concierge service" has been developed to make it a "turn-key", affordable proposition for J owners from Chicago to Houston, Newport to Halifax and Annapolis to fully transport their boats, launch/ haul and have their boats "ready-to-sail" at each location- cleaned, polished, rigged, literally ready-to-race. 

Fly down with the crew, hop aboard and off you go, "no worries", ready to go sailing!  Daily awards will be given for each event as well as overall and at the end of the J/Fest Winter Circuit, awards will be given for best three of five results at the conclusion of Charleston Race Week. 

For more information on the J/Fest Winter Circuit including "all-in budgets and costs", please contact J/Boats at Ph. +1-401-846-8410 or email- info@jboats.com.  Or, call your local J/Dealer for more information.  Sailing Photo credit- Onne Van der Wal