Wednesday, March 17, 2010

J/111 Speedster Update

J/111 one-design sailboat interior perspective

HOT and Getting Hotter

(Bristol, RI)- The J/111 first hull is molding and the deck plug is complete.  The project is on track for sailing in June. Interest continues to grow, with two dozen orders from Europe, New Zealand, America and China.  Perhaps more importantly, some of the key specifications have been determined to provide state-of-the-art performance and affordable racing for a grand prix one-design class. The J/111 will sport a carbon pre-preg Hall Spar.  The spar design and tube section make use of Hall Spars leading carbon technology-- it  J/111 one-design sailboat deck plugpromises a rig that is both stronger and lighter than comparable carbon rigs.  For superior lift, low VCG and maximum righting moment, the J/111 has a vertical L-shaped bulb keel comprised of a 316L formed stainless steel fin and an antimony-reinforced bulb attached to the hull with a broad SS flange.  The deck plan is ultra-simplistic for maximum ease-of-use for a crew of just six people.  The large 60" wheel affords superior visibility of wind, waves and the leading edge of the jib.  The interior for the American market has simple cruising accommodations, a functional galley and navigation station.  For more J/111 one-design sailboat information.