Thursday, April 5, 2018

J/80 Frostbite Cup Ends On Calm Note

J/80s racing Frostbite Cup- The Netherlands
(Naarden, The Netherlands)- With only 4 to 7 kts registering on the anemometer, the Frostbite Cup closed with a calm, quiet partly sunny day of sailing. The light weather last Sunday ensured the field of twenty-four J/80s never got too far apart on the race track. For many, it was a welcome reprieve from the rather cold and blustery winter of sailing.

J'ZUSTER closed in style and took a huge lead in the second race of the day and rounded the top buoy far ahead of the rest.  However, despite their enormous lead, the winner of the weekend was LED2LEASE.

As a result of the movement up and down the standings on the final stage of the series, it was J’ZUSTER that maintained their firm grip on the overall series lead to take home the Frostbite Cup.  Behind them, things changed a bit overall.  Taking second place was OANT SIEN and, as a result of winning the last event, LED2LEASE secured the bronze on the podium.

Sailing on the “Gooimeer” was quite a challenge for all the crews.  The wind can shift dramatically in various places on the water. Tactics are important, but in any case, the field was closely matched and any mistake was immediately punished, and often, very costly.
J/80 Frostbite Cup- winners
According to race leader Jørgen Schrier, “You are often forced to blow your start and have to catch up to the fleet.  But then, rounding the top and bottom buoys also produced logjams of boats to gain or lose! The field was very competitive, but fortunately, despite the very tight racing, little or no damage was involved- just bruised egos!”

Of the seven scheduled competition days, only one day could not take place because of ice floes! With six cold, often turbulent days on which to sail, the event organizers can look back with satisfaction at the Frostbite Cup 2017-2018.

"No less than 24 boats appeared at the start. That is unique for the J/80 class in the Netherlands,” said organizer Frans Driessen.  “All active boats have gathered in Naarden. The past few weeks, J/80s have also been brought from abroad and we welcome them in the upcoming matches, such as at the Dutch Championships that we will be sailing in May during the North Sea Regatta. With a big field J/80's on the North Sea ... that will be spectacular!”  Follow the Dutch J/80 class on Facebook here  For more Frostbite Cup sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.