Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Barbados J/24 Champions- BUNGA BUNGA!

Barbados J/24 sailing champions (Barbados, Caribbean)- After a year long trial by fire, the 2017 Barbados J/24 Champions are Team BUNGA BUNGA- BAR 2420.  The crew consists of RaphaĆ«l Grisoni, Cyril Lecrenay, Roderick Mascoll and Jason Trotter.

That’s all we know so far and hope we can get a much more detailed report sometime soon!  We know their competitors include Neil Burke’s IMPULSE, Robert Povey’s HAWKEYE, Webster’s THE PHOENIX, Tindale’s COLLEGE FUND$, Gus Reader’s GLORY DAZE, Paul Johnson’s FLY RACING Team, and “the kidz”- with K Hinds as the skipper on UNDERCOVER JUNIORS.  For more Barbados J/24 Sailing fun, follow them on Facebook here Add to Flipboard Magazine.