Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rozenauers Family Win J/70 NSW State Championship!

J/70 sailing Sydney, Australia (Sydney, Australia)- The J/70 Class held its NSW State Championships during this year’s Sydney Harbour Regatta held by Middle Harbour Yacht Club.  Although typically raced between North and South Head at the opening of the harbour, Sydney's uncharacteristic blustery conditions found the fleet of nine J/70's racing in Middle Harbour this year.  Over the March 4th weekend, the weather was atrocious with an east coast low-pressure system arriving that resulted in rain and very strong winds.

Due to some engine trouble on the starter boat on Saturday (where it nearly washed onto the rocks), unfortunately only one windward/leeward course was raced on the first day instead of the scheduled three. Here is the story of what it was like to sail and win the regatta by Nick Rozenauers (skipper of the Rozenauers’ THE JACKAL):

“Our first taste of J/70 racing proved to be intense.  However, our family-based crew of Anne Rozenauers (Mother ’Boss’), Alex Rozenauers (Son) and Zac ‘Rozenauers’ Quinlan took it in stride as we faced 25+ knot winds.

With the combination of Zac and Alex picking the shifts particularly around the top mark, we were able to stay around the top end of the fleet. Ultimately, it came down to better gust management on the downhill leg, avoiding costly broaches that secured us the win.

J/70 family wins Sydney Harbour Regatta, AustraliaIt has to be noted that during the final run of the first race all the crew experienced their top speed on a boat with The Jackal hitting upward of 18-19 knots on one particular gust!! As one onlooker remarked- we were about to take off!    (Editors note:  the Rozenauers only took delivery of their J/70 just one month ago, so have done extremely well to handle the tough conditions and competition).

Sunday brought more of the same conditions with moderate to heavy breeze. With suburb trimming from Alex, we were able to develop a nice downwind mode and create some gauge with other boats that were able to sneak away from us on the upwind. As Nick (Skipper) and Zac found their groove within the shifts on the course, we were able to edge away from the competition. Importantly though, all onboard were fueled by Anne's ANZAC biscuits (with her secret ingredients) that played a huge role in keeping all the crew on their toes and full of energy.

I would like to thank Ray, Sandra and the J/70 class for welcoming us with such open arms and Middle Harbour for running such a smooth weekend!”

Last year’s winner, Tim Ryan from JAMES, congratulated the JACKAL crew, saying “they sailed extremely well and deserved the win!”  Taking second for the NSW States was JUNO with Reg Lord skippering and holding on for the bronze was Tim Ryan’s JAMES.  For more J/70 speedster sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.