Sunday, February 7, 2016

Olcese Eclipses J/24 Peru Nationals

J/24s sailing off La Punta, Peru (La Punta, Peru)- A very nice fleet of ten J/24s participated in the 2015 Peruvian J/24 Nationals held off La Punta along Peru’s dramatic and beautiful Pacific coast line.  Under the watchful eye of PRO Luis Yarlaque, the sailors were put to the test over the three-day championship weekend with a total of nine races.  After one discard race, the winner was again Luis Olcese’s SCARAMOUCH.

After the first five races, the young skipper Javier Arribas Jr. was on a roll.  After accumulating a 2-4-1-2-3, Arribas’ HAWKY was comfortably leading the series.  Perhaps a bit of championship pressure or a combination of that and some early celebrations may have impacted their fall from grace with the sea (e.g. Neptune)!  After amassing only 12 pts in five races, the HAWKY crew just could not keep it together and added a quick 6-5-3 for 14 pts in the final three races to still land on the podium, but collecting the bronze instead.

Javier Sr sailed WAYRA consistently all weekend and after Javier Jr’s Phoenix-like fall, took over the silver behind Olcese’s SCARAMOUCH.  Rounding out the top five were Lucas Peschiera’s TIAMAT in fourth place and Augusto Navarro’s 7 BARES in fifth position.   For more Peruvian J/24 Nationals sailing information