Friday, June 22, 2012

J/40 Cruiser Turbo'd?

(Los Angeles, CA)- Seems that Dave Moore on his J/40 #11 called LIBERTY in Los Angeles, California was looking for solutions to get his J/40 going faster after recalling how the first J/40 won the Chicago-Mackinac Race in a "three-peat" in the early 1990s.  Rodney and Alan J went to work to help Dave turbo LIBERTY's downwind potential.  Said David, "The 20 pct penalty pole with matching symmetrical spin has proven to be very effective, just as you suggested. We won our race from LA Light to Dana Point on Memorial Day weekend. A 20 mile broad reach in 15 to 20kt TWS westerly followed by 14 miles of close reaching in an erratic 3 to 6 kt TWS southwesterly. In the stronger wind conditions we watched most of our fleet round up repeatedly. None of that on the J40 - just comfortable speed and smiles."  Gotta love those stories.  Keep them coming!