Friday, April 6, 2018

J/Crews Dominate GYA Women’s PHRF Regatta

J/30 sailing GYA Women's PHRF Regatta
(New Orleans, LA)- Every year, the Southern YC on Lake Ponchartrain in New Orleans, LA hosts the Gulf Yachting Association’s annual Women’s PHRF Regatta.  The event always gets a spirited turnout of women’s teams from across the region sailing in everything from J/22s up to J/35s.  The J/women crews seem to make it a habit of sailing more determined and happy-go-lucky than other teams and collect more than their fair share of silverware along the way.  The regatta is really more about the “joy of sailing” and the camaraderie of the women being able to share their passion with old friends and newfound friends.

This year’s event was a pretty light air affair.  Like super-flat waters and less than 10 kts of wind all weekend.
J/30 sailing GYA Women's PHRF Regatta
In the end, it was Clerc Cooper’s J/30 Zephyr V2.0 from Southern YC that posted a 1-1 for 2 pts to win PHRF Spinnaker class.  Louise Bienvenu’s J/22 LOLA followed them from New Orleans YC with a 3-3 for 6 pts to take 3rd place.  Then, Debby Grimm’s J/30 HOT CHOCOLATE from Southern YC posted a 4-4 for 8 pts to take 4th place.
J/22 sailing GYA Women's PHRF regatta
In Non-Spinnaker A class, Nancy Claypool’s J/35 FOOTLOOSE TOO from Southern YC posted a 3-3 for 6 pts to secure 3rd position.
J/35 sailing GYA Women's PHRF regatta
Finally, Anne Robinson’s J/30 TOY BOX from New Orleans YC scored a 3-1 for 4 pts to take the silver in Non-Spinnaker B class.

Local photographer/ videographer Curtis Christianson put together a highlights video of the event.  The theme song is called “This woman’s on fire!”  Yup, maybe corny, but a suitable and fun music/ sailing video to enjoy. Watch it here.   Sailing photo & video credits- Curtis Christianson Add to Flipboard Magazine.