Tuesday, April 4, 2017

J/88 Speedster @ Pacific Sailboat Show

J/88 sailing San Francisco Bay
(Richmond, CA)- Getting ready to plan for fun, pleasurably fast experiences this summer on the Pacific coast?  Then, you should head on down to the Pacific Sailboat Show, produced by SAIL AMERICA, which runs from April 6th to 9th at the Craneway Pavilion and Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond, CA!

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned boating enthusiast, this four-day spectacular is the place to immerse yourself in the world of marine sports! Enjoy the stunning waterfront venue while discovering all the new boats that the world’s leading manufacturers have to offer.  Also on display will be a full range of marine electronics, gear, products and accessories.

Norm Davant and the SAIL California Team will have the J/88 on display at the “in-water display” location. If you want a personal tour, please call Norm at ph# (510) 685-7453 or email- norm@sailcal.com.

The J/88s are having a great time on San Francisco Bay.  Proving they can decimate local “hot boats” in the light to medium conditions in the early part of the day.  Then, when it starts nuking from the westerly thermals, it's the only “light displacement” boat that can still fly upwind, then “turn and burn” downwind under its big kite- hitting 18-22 kts with ease in full-on planing mode.

There is a reason why this boat is loved by a lot of short-handed sailors- easy-to-handle, goes upwind faster than any other West Coast ULDB design in its size range, but it’s also fast as hell downwind, planing under control in the big breeze when you NEED to send it!! Sailing photo credits- ROLEX/ Daniel Forster.  For more Pacific Boat Show tickets and information  For more J/88 family speedster sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.