Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Easter J/Bunny Visits Sailing Regatta

J/Easter bunny (Columbia, SC)- Being one of the most popular J/24 regatta's since 1988, the J/24 Easter Regatta brings a mix of excellent shore side events with world class sailing. The competition can vary from an amateur crew at their first regatta, to sailing against professional skippers such as Tim Healy, Mike Ingham, and Tony Parker.

One of the many perks of attending the Easter Regatta is the sailing club facility. With a recently rebuilt clubhouse, the shore-side events are better than ever. The Columbia Sailing Club offers FREE camping to all competitors that attend the regatta. The beautiful peninsula and gorgeous beach provide an excellent camping experience for families and friends.

Since its humble beginnings, the sailors in Columbia have now expanded their interest to the J/70 class as well. Two years ago, the class was invited to participate and the growing interest (it’s still VERY top secret) is reflected by their fun-loving presence.  For those “in the know”, it is an incredibly fun, casual regatta that is focused less on the competition and more on learning from each other and the amazing shore-side festivities for all!

J/24s sailing Easter Regatta- Lake Murray, SCThis year’s regatta saw nearly two dozen J/24s participate from across the spectrum of experience, and the same can be said for the J/70 class, too.

The sailors were greeted by a wide variety of weather that was punctuated by a gorgeous day of sailing on Easter Sunday, a suitable day for Easter Bunny sightings and awesome Easter Egg Hunts for the kiddies.

In the end, the leaders in each class had an enjoyable time helping out their colleagues on the nuances of sailing their boats over a few brewskies.  It helps that everyone ends the day of racing at the moorings/ docks and all the socials are taking place right there at the beautiful facilities provided by the host- Columbia Sailing Club.  Their staff and volunteers are second to none and provide good’ole down-home southern-style hospitality.

In the J/24 class, top crew was Daniel Borrer’s JESUS LIZARD in 1st with a 1-4-7 tally for 12 pts.  Taking 2nd was a famous J/24 champion sailor- Mike Ingham’s USA 5443 from Rochester Canoe Club with a 3-9-3 record for 15 pts.  Taking home the bronze was James Howard’s CLASSIC with an astonishing roller coaster line of 2-14-1 for 17 pts.  The balance of the top five included Ron Medlin’s BASH in 4th and Roger Dougal’s TUTAKRNAUT in 5th place.

J/70s sailing Easter RegattaOver in the J/70s, it was San Francisco “transplant”, Don Trask, that showed some of his hidden light-air, flat-water skills to win the regatta with all bullets on the suitably named SMOKIN’J- not often an 80+ year old can apply a scorched Earth policy to the millennials and baby boomers in the fleet! Behind that blitzkrieg score line, it was an evolving battle for the remainder of the podium.  In the end, Jay Greenfield’s TBD took 2nd with a 2-3-2 tally for 7 pts. Just 2 pts back in third place was Hunter C Davidson’s LOONATICTU with a 3-2-4 score for 9 pts.  The rest of the top five include David Betts’ INSTANT KARMA in 4th place and Steve Kiemele’s WHITE RABBIT in 5th.  Follow on Easter Regatta Facebook page here.   For more J/70 & J/24 Easter Regatta sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.