Thursday, February 25, 2016

Puerto Vallarta Race Update

J/125 sailing Puerto Vallarta race (San Diego, CA)- The 32nd running of the Vallarta Race, a 1,000nm course from San Diego, USA to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, began with staggered starts on February 19 and 20 for the 21-boat field. Here’s an update on February 21 from Peter Isler, a navigator on a 70 ft sled:

“A beautiful 24 hours of sailing out here on the Pacific and the fleet is tearing up the ocean, VMG running in 20+ knots of wind, 6 foot swells and beautiful skies. Last night was epic – (nearly) full moon running… you didn’t need a flashlight on deck it was so bright.

Everyone agreed it was one of the greatest nights of sailing ever! Tonight, we are looking for another beautiful moonlight ride – as the winds are still over 20 and the temperature should be one notch warmer (there was definitely a chill to the air last night). About 24 more hours of fun before the tricky bit comes up – the approach to Cabo and figuring out how to get through the sizable windless hole that often stretches south from Cabo for up to 50 miles.  For now, we’ll appreciate the good conditions and keep riding those waves on this endless summer day & night!”

J/125 Timeshaver- winning the raceAnd speaking of February 19 starters, the J/125 TIMESHAVER skippered by Viggo Torbensen has been doig great-- this little piece of optimism was included in their 0600 report on the morning of February 21st, “Maybe (our) fastest run to the Cape- - ever! Never letting up on the pressure with a 12 knot average for the last 24 hours, the YB Tracker shows early Sunday morning, we ducked the RP 50 Blue Blazes’ stern and took a seven hour hitch out to sea, then gybed. Blazes appeared to be doing the same on the opposite gybe. When they came back together around 1600 PST, TIMESHAVER had the edge by approximately 10 miles. As the sun goes down Sunday evening, we are both pointing southeast again doing 12 knots and playing hard to catch for the big sleds.”

On-board crewman, Keith Magnussen, had this to report February 22nd: “Spectacular sunrise and moon set off Cabo San Lucas this morning. Looks like we will be first boat around the tip of Baja on our way to our destination of Puerto Vallarta and we are sitting well in class and amongst the Saturday starters.

Great sailing so far in epic conditions. The crew is working out just like I thought.. hard work, good sailors and lots of laughs. The Hippy reports he is not in a bad mood which means he is in an amazing mood!

Had our hurdles to overcome but we did so and are positive about the race. The boat is performing well and we have seen speeds over 20kts many times. Viggo is in a great mood and enjoying the friendly banter. He is rolling with the punches and having fun bailing the boat out every off shift.. Yes we leak.

We are currently 35 miles from Cabo and hoping and praying that the wind keeps up. Last thing we want is 4 days to get to PV after knocking off 300 mile days! The Rasta kite is blazing in the sunrise and I am looking forward to getting some bronzing in today.”

Torbensen’s J/125 TIMESHAVER is racing against some turbo’d Farr 40s and their annual arch-rivals, the SC 50 HORIZON.  At the moment, the J/125 is an odds-on favorite to beat just about all boats into the finish except for Manoush Mosayedi’s RIO 100 super-maxi!  For more Puerto Vallarta Race sailing information