Sunday, March 30, 2014

J/92s sailing off Portofino, Italy!

J/92s sailing off Portofino, Italy on the Mediterannean(Portofino, Italy)-  We recently got a nice note from Marco Cohen, owner of the J/92s DAJENU that is based in Portofino.  Said Marco, “Ciao from Portofino!  My lovely J/92s lives in one of the most beautiful ports on Earth!

So, it's a serious promise whenever you will come to Italy you are invited to Portofino. My father is a decent sailor (he used to sail J/24 #6 in Italy) but, more importantly, a great & wonderful cook!

Having said that, THANK YOU for the J/92s- she’s my favorite buddy for daily food & wine cruises and races around the Mediterranean.  Last year I have done almost 1,000 miles of sailing and nothing broken! I am still in love with this boat even after seven years!  Ciao. Va’ bene.  Marco”

Marco and his father have been long-time residents in Portofino and count amongst their local friends past J/24 sailors like Luca Bassani (famous patron of the WALLY YACHTS world) and Claudio Recchi (leader of their family business- RECCHI Spa).