Tuesday, March 11, 2014

J/24's Hit The Mark!

J/24 Hit the Mark- Australian Newsletter
(Sydney, Australia)- “Hey “J” Lovers!  Here is your next edition of JK Macgregor's continuing saga of intrigue, excitement and a certain amount of truth all rolled up together in the form of the J/24 Victoria Class Association's newsletter!  OK readers, get ready to get riveted!  Turn off the telly, make sure you walked the dog or fed the cat, grab your favorite refreshment(s), then sit down with the news and read it from cover to cover!  We promise, you will be entertained,” commented Editor Simon Grain (local J/24 rockstar, “man about town” & marketng wizard).

The Winter Sprints- by R. Sole
What follows are tales of the brave, the foolhardy, the just plain hardy and of those that would put the keenest of mustards to shame. This reporter has been told that only five boats have officially entered the Winter Series with two casual entries to help things along. At the top of the ladder to date is By The Lee, well clear of Kicking Bottom, and even more ahead of Vice Versa. There have been tales of sailors wearing only tees shirts and broad grins, there have been reports of crew swimming and sun baking and making merry, there have been tales of perfect sailing weather and sportsman like conduct and even worse... tales of every race being completed. True or false? No one will confirm.  Read on and download the 4 page Vic J/24 Newsletter here (in PDF file format): http://www.jboats.com/pdf/j24_vicnews_2013.pdf