Wednesday, March 27, 2013

J/133 PATRIOT Hanging Ten & Surfing Australia-style!

J/133 Patriot sailing surfing off Sydney, Australia*  Australian Stuart Markwell sent a heart-warming note to J/Chicago dealer Rich Stearns at Stearns Boating.  Stu commented, "We thought you would like to see these photographs of the J/133 PATRIOT's return through the Southport Seaway on Queensland's Gold Coast after the first race in last weekend's IRC State Championship. We hit the entrance at the bottom of the ebb tide which was not really the best time!! The boat tracked beautifully and was doing 22 kts at the time we appeared to be engulfed in white water. To get some idea of scale of the gigantic waves, you can see the height of the helmsman (me) relative to the following broken wave!  Will see you soon in Chicago to share more sea stories!  Regards, Stuart"