Thursday, March 21, 2013

25th Block Island Race Week Hosting J/Championships

J/111s starting line off Newport / Block Island, RI(Block Island, Rhode Island)- In the "off Bermuda Race years" is the fabulously fun, casually serious, race week that worldwide is known amongst the cognoscenti of such events as simply "Block Island".  Long a blissfully quiet corner of the New England summer time, it explodes into a carnival of fun and frolic for thousands of sailors who come from all corners of the sailing world to catch up with families and friends.  The sailing can be epic, if not foggy sometimes, but those are its challenges.  Plus, the sailors are treated to one of the world's most famous "around island" races, the 25+nm "Around Block Island" race at some point during the week deemed most appropriate for this romp around the picturesque sand bluffs, gorgeous white sand beaches, a massive sand bar riddled with currents off its NE tip and a majestic lighthouse.

As host of its 25th Anniversary Edition, the Storm Trysail Club is putting out the "red carpet" to accommodate all sailors in the hopes they ensure all participants have great sailing, fantastic race management, as well as awesome onshore entertainment.  This coming year may be unique amongst race weeks in that there may be at least five J/Class Championships taking place all at the same time.  Exciting times for J/Teams up and down the Eastern seaboard as well as for their overseas friends.  Here is what is cooking for the present time (with perhaps more classes added later):

- J/80 North American Championship
- J/29 East Coast Championship
- J/105 East Coast Championship
- J/109 East Coast Championship
- J/44 East Coast Championship

There is a possibility the J/111s may show up "en masse", too, for an East Coast Championship.  There is a 10% early registration discount that expires March 31st!  For the current scratch sheet for each class.
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