Saturday, January 12, 2013

J/30 Class Sailing Message- Bill & Dave

J/30 JALAPENO sailing team(New Orleans, LA)- The J/30 Class continues to have lots of fun and have created a wonderful community of sailors in the few regions where they've always proven popular- namely, New Orleans, Houston, New England, Great Lakes (Chicago/Detroit) and Chesapeake Bay.  The "Bill & Dave Show" (the two co-presidents) have ensured the camaraderie amongst the J/30 fanatics grows infectiously-- but they need help!  Here's their message to the J/30 community at-large:

"Dave and Bill here wishing everyone a Happy New Year! What a year for the J/30 class in 2012! We noted 66 official active class members, 69 US Sailing members and have captured fleet information for 526 J/30 hulls.  Our fleets continue to be recognized across the world.

We continue to work together to produce a class built on the foundations of sportsmanship and camaraderie. On the forum and on the water, we continue to be each other’s teachers. When we accept each other’s ideas, nothing is lost. May our approach to sailing be the same approach to life – to win the respect of others.

kids sailing J/30s in New Orleans, LAIn 2013, we need to enable the J/30 sailing experience to reach more parents and children. We are announcing an exciting partnership with the National Sailing Hall of Fame to help local educators who are using sailing to teach math and science by giving connections to our sailing community. Let’s help NSHOF educators achieve learning objectives though use of our J/30s. Also, Bill and I are currently seeking future J/30 fleet leadership candidates.  If interested in serving the J/30 class at the National level, please let us know.  Finally, we want to highlight a few areas noteworthy of recognition during the past year:

"2012 North Americans" – Ken Buhler and Billy Ross with Pontchartrain Yacht Club based crew aboard JALAPEÑO.

"J/30 Programs traveling over 1000 + Miles to attend NAs"- Dan Rather’s Oswego NY based team- CRUSADER and Russ Akinson’s Rockwood, MI based program- WILDCAT.  We really appreciate these two teams coming the distance to New Orleans!

"J/30 Loaner Boat Program"- Special, Huge, Ginormous "Thanks" to Jason King for loaning his boat RAMBUNCTIOUS to Carl Sherter and the crew of FAT CITY.

Terry McDermott- champion J/30 sailor- sings well too!"Newest Member to Finish Top 5 at NAs" – David Bolyard Jr. with LAND SHARK – 2nd Place. The sailors on this boat are in the missing demographic as mentioned by Nicholas Hayes at the Friday night NA presentation- sailing with family & kids!

"Best J/30 Musician" – Terry McDermott (Team ZEPHYR) who placed second on NBC’s The Voice!!! See the YouTube video of Terry and Peter Frampton performing at the Season 3 Finale.

"Best idea to recruit new J/30 sailors with parents" – David Erwin

"Best Mentor to Grow the Next Generation of Sailors" – Vic Farmer with his VEEJAY programs in Naples, FL and Newport, RI

"Best Taking one for the Team!" – Amanda Baker (French Quarter 1 – Amanda – 0)- what did she do??

Leighton- the man, the myth, the legend- sails, too!"Best J/30 Photographer" – Leighton O’Connor and his full multi-media coverage at the 2012 J/30 NAs.  The Man, The Myth, The Legend- here->>

"Best North Americans Participants"- "all winners!"- Congratulations to JALAPEÑO skippered by Billy Ross to win the North American Championship hosted by New Orleans Yacht Club. For the first time in the history of the class, a father David Bolyard Sr. called tactics on the first place boat and raced against his son David Bolyard Jr. the skipper of LAND SHARK, the second place boat. Dale Steinkamp skipper of Team ZEPHYR sailing with Nicholas Hayes and parent child crew members Donny and son Andrew Brennan with David and daughter McKenzie Erwin finished 3rd. The parent child participation is an important topic in Nicholas Hayes’ book Saving Sailing. Two J/30s were skippered by women: BLACK MAGIC – Laura Webb and HOT CHOCOLATE – Debby Grimm.   For more J/30 class sailing information