Wednesday, July 6, 2011

J/70 Speedster Update

J/70 one-design speedster- trailerable, ramp-launchable keelboat- sportboat
(Newport, RI)- With the recent announcement of the J/70 Speedster, enormous enthusiasm has been generated for this next-generation ramp-launchable keelboat.  With fleet discussions underway around the world, J/70 is on-track to take the world by storm in 2012.

The J/70 introduces a new dimension of fun, fast sailing in a stable, easy to own boat. A natural evolution of its J pedigree, the J/70's 22-foot long waterline with high aspect, all carbon rig provides spirited performance and stability that feels like a much larger boat. Knifing through the water upwind with confidence and ease, the J/70 has that legendary “J” feel - light, controllable with a wide-groove to sail consistently fast. With an adjustable cascading backstay, one has total control over sail shape and dynamic rig tension across the full range of conditions, making it not only easy to change gears on the J/70, but faster and safer. Off the wind, J/70 will simply light-up the crew with a smile!  Set the masthead asymmetrical off a retractable carbon bowsprit, point the J/70 where you want with its deep, high-aspect rudder and the J/70 pops up on a plane in a moderate breeze.  Learn more about the J/70 concept here.