Friday, May 13, 2011

J/22 Netherlands Promote Student Sailing-

J/22 sailboat- sailing The Netherlands A new J/22 team sailed the Van Uden Reco Regatta this year off The Hauge, in The Netherlands.  For the first time the Groningen Student Sailing Association MAYDAY sailed in the J/22 class regatta that starts the season. This new team of students in the class will sail their J/22 called MAYDAY all season. For G.S.Z. MAYDAY it will represent a new challenge and a step forward in racing. Since 1994, this association for sailing has introduced many Groningen students to sailing. The J/22 is a logical step to continue growing. For the J/22 class, it means a new impetus, new faces, and refreshing new competition in the fleet.  It was clear their participation in the J/22 class was very enthusiastic and they will participate for the long-term in the class. A warm welcome to them and we hope to see more of them!   For more J/22 Netherlands sailing class information.