Thursday, February 1, 2018

J/70 Corinthian National Championship Announcement!

J/70 sailing corinthians (Fort Worth, Texas)- The Fort Worth Boat Club is proud and excited to be hosting the 2018 J/70 Corinthian National Championship from April 26th to 29th, 2018 on Eagle Mountain Lake west/northwest of the “Big D” (e.g. west of the Dallas Cowboys gazillion-dollar stadium in Arlington, TX).  And, they want YOU to be there!

At Fort Worth BC, they are working hard to make this a world-class event. If there were ever a more gracious, accommodating, sailing-loving club, they would be hard to beat. 

Texas is serious about J/70 racing! And, they are expecting that EVERY J/70 owned in their great state converge on Eagle Mountain Lake at the end of April!! If you are not planning to be there, they’ll be “hookin’ horns” with you soon!

For those “not in the know”, Eagle Mountain Lake is an excellent place to sail.  A big, wide-open lake, it offers challenging sailing conditions not just for the locals, but also to anyone that loves and appreciates lake sailing at its best!  Trust us, locals have NO advantages sailing on their own lake; even though the club has such famous, recognizable sailing names in America such as the Darden family (Glenn & Toby), O.L. Pitts (some lovable America’s Cup guy that sailed J/24s on the lake), the Bass Brothers (J/22 owners), Kelly Gough (an old All-American sailor), and many other infamous “folk heroes” in the annals of Texas J/24 history over the past 40+ years (most of whom probably should probably remain nameless- other than some guys like John Kolius and Farley Fontenot, of course).

So, a number of them are all learning how to sail J/70’s.  Well, that’s a great thing for Texas sailing.  And, a not so good thing for the R.O.W. (rest of the world).  So, take ‘yer chances here, and register today for the J/70 Corinthian Nationals here.

If you have any questions, please contact J/70 Fleet 10 Captain- Jim Mitchell- email-
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