Friday, February 9, 2018

France Expands Sailing League 2018

J/80s training off La Rochelle, France(La Rochelle, France)- Launched in 2016, the French National Sailing League (LN VOILE), the only 100% inter-club competition in France, will pass a new stage this year.  For 2018, the clubs will compete for the first time in a championship format that includes two events sailing in J/70s and J/80s. The first event is in Brest (June 29 - July 1), organized by the Union of Brest clubs (USAM, SR Brest, Crocodiles Elorn). And, the second will be in La Rochelle (October 19 to 21), organized by the Société des Régates Rochelaises.

Who will succeed in 2018? Will it be the Sailing Club of Saint Quentin (first winner of the LN Voile) or the Saint Aubin-Elbeuf Sailing Club that won in 2017?

After two single editions in La Rochelle (SRR) in 2016 and Le Havre (SRH) in 2017, this year's LN Voile will move to a championship format. This expansion of the event permits more clubs to sail and it increases the participation by more club members for each time- a much better dynamic overall for the LN VOILE.

Ed Russo, President of LN Voile Commission, commented, "I am pleased that LN Voile 2018 is taking place in a two-step format. This will allow clubs to put in place a real internal dynamic around this project. In Germany, they are on a 5-step format, which strengthens the program within the clubs. And, more importantly, that sportingly permits each club to have dozens of members participate in a summer season long championship.  That remains a goal for us."

J/80 league training off FranceThe experience of the past two years has shown that the LN Voile project can be approached differently depending on the club. Between those who sign up for a performance goal in order to qualify for the European semi-finals, those who take the opportunity to discover a great national competition to their members, or those who select their representatives after an internal selection, all the formulas work and enable clubs to participate in the scenario that suits them best.

League Training Programs
Since the start of the year, a number of clubs have already organized themselves and are having training events in J/70s and J/80s.  For example, last weekend there were very good conditions for their training for two days. Between four boats on Saturday, and seven on Sunday, the fleet sailed on a “banana courses” near the West Minimes of La Rochelle.  Crews worked a lot on tacking and gybing.  After an intense day on the water, a debriefing was organized at the clubhouse of Société des Régates Rochelaises, with a video analysis of Sunday maneuvers.  The next training weekend is again at Societe des Regate Rochelaises over the February 3rd to 4th weekend. Add to Flipboard Magazine.