Saturday, November 4, 2017

J/24 Italy National Circuit- October Report

J/24 Italy (Genoa, Italy)- The Italian J/24 class continues to complete a combination of their summer series and upcoming fall events.  Here are the latest reports from the Cervia Fleet in Sardinia and from the Genovese fleet sailing their annual “Lantern Regatta”.

For the fifth leg of the Italian J/24 National Circuit, the Race Committee and PRO at Circolo Nautico de Cervia managed to provide the twenty-three J/24 teams with six races over the two-day weekend.

Thanks to a very steady series scoreline of 5-3-2-2-3-3, J-OC sailed by Fabio Apollonio ended up winning the Cervia stage of the National J/24 Circuit with 13 pts total.  Just off the pace behind them and taking 2nd place was Italian J/24 Class President, Pietro Diamanti, racing his famous ITA 212 JAMAICA to a record of 4-1-5-3-1-2 for 15 pts.  Rounding out the podium was ITA 424 KISMET owned by Francesca Focardi and skippered by Dario Luciani, with a record of 10-2-1-6-4-9 for 22 pts.

For the balance of the top five, it was ITA 505 JORE owned by Alessandro Errani and helmed by Marco Pantano that took 4th place.  Then, unceremoniously finishing in 5th place was past Italian J/24 Champion Ignacio Bonanno and his Italian Navy crew on the famous ITA 416 LA SUPERBA; they got DSQ’d in two races and had to count them!

The Cervia event also qualified another boat for the 2018 World Championship that will take place in Riva del Garda at the end of August 2018- this time it was ITA 424 KISMET that won that slot.

J/24 Italy winners"We were very pleased with the fact that we had envisaged the participation of more than twenty boats," explained Guido Guadagni, Cervia’s Fleet Captain and co-owner of CAPTAIN NEMO. “We were pleased to see that many of our top local boats ended up on the podium.  Everyone is looking forward to the next stage in the Italian J/24 National circuit in two weeks at Interlaghi, the sixth and final stage of the 2017 series, hosted by Canottieri Lecco.”

As a result of this regatta, the National Circuit series continues to be led by Diamanti’s JAMAICA, followed by ITA 473 MAGIC FAIRY sailed by Massimo Frigerio in 2nd and ITA 304 FIVE FOR FIGHTING J sits in 3rd, sailed by the young Eugenia De Giacomo.

GENOA/ PORTOFINO- Campionato Della Lanterna
Over the past weekend, the Marina Genova Airport Nautical Club (, completed the second and third events of the Campionato Della Lanterna for the fleet of eight J/24s.

The fleet had to contend with uncertain weather on Saturday, almost a “glass-out” in the morning, but followed up with a southwest breeze of 5-7 kts in the afternoon, enough to get in two races.  Then, Sunday’s racing was defined by a “sirocco” (e.g. a mistral) of 15-18 kts with a short, steep chop.  It was close racing for everyone over the weekend.

In the end, it was JAWS that won the regatta, followed by JUST A JOKE in second, FINALLY in third, FOR FIVE (A. Criscuolo - P. Ghibaudi) in fourth, and LANDFALL (Simone and Andrea Moretti) in fifth.

"I am very happy with the way this championship is going," Sr Buffa explained. “Above all, it is the rebirth and the fervor of our Fleet of Portofino/ Genoa, constantly searching for new J/24 owners who wish to join us."

The Marina Genova Airport Nautical Club was born in 2012 with the aim of organizing and promoting sailing activities and events and spreading the values of “sailing & the sea”, with a sporting footprint and aimed at creating opportunities for encounters among all enthusiasts.  President of the club is Ernesto Moresino; an ocean navigator with 30 years of racing offshore and more than ten years as an instructor and skipper; of particular historical significance is that he was also founder in 1994 and president for 4 years of the Mini 6.50 class!  For more Italian J/24 Class sailing information Add to Flipboard Magazine.