Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quantum J/70 Winter Series III Preview

J/70s sailing on Tampa Bay (Tampa, FL)- With fifty-seven entries for the final regatta in the 2016/ 2017 Quantum J/70 Winter Series, sailing from February 4th to 5th, the stage is now set for the ultimate battle for sailing supremacy in this prestigious event that features top Corinthian teams and multiple National, North American and World Champions.  Starting in December, over 45 boats started the first regatta and as winter set in up north, more and more J/70s decided to migrate south on their own, dragging their owners south (hanging on by frostbit fingers), into the warm and welcoming arms of the “sailingest club in the south”- the Davis Island Yacht Club.  It is a fun program they put on all winter long and the series has gained its adherents over time.

J/70 sailing upwind on Tampa BayHow it will all end up for the top teams at this event as well as the overall series is anyone’s guess.  Certainly, the Ladbroke’s Betting Parlours in London and their counterparts in Las Vegas, Nevada are betting that Martie Kullmann and Thom Bowen’s crew on REACH AROUND are the prime suspects to take the series lead. But, then again, stranger things have happened in the J/70 class when odds-on favorites seemingly take a “dumpster dive”, never to be seen again!

Chasing them hard are several tenacious crews, some sailing for the first time this winter, others banking on experience in both Tampa and Key West to bolster their chances.  The last time around Bruno Pasquinelli’s STAMPEDE walked off with honors in QJWS II, but they will be hard pressed to hold off teams like Kerry Klingler’s MENACE, John Brim’s RIMETTE, Tony Rey’s POWERPLAY, Darby Smith’s AFRICA, Allan Terhune’s DAZZLER, Will Welles’ SCAMP and John Wilsey’s SEA BAGS SAILING TEAM.

In the Corinthians class, it is a wide-open affair.  Andrew Fisher’s BUTTON FLY will be up against Bryan Cameron’s B-SQUARED, Ed Austin’s CHINOOK, Henry Brauer’s RASCAL, and Rob Britts’ HOT MESS (Key West Corinthian Champion).  However, again, the Corinthians class has many new faces for this event, so the betting is off for the top three!   For more Quantum J/70 Winter Series sailing information.