Friday, February 3, 2017

Italian J/24 Winter Series Report

J/24 sailing off Italy (Anzio & Nettuno, Italy)- After celebrating the New Year, the Italian J/24 sailors are back at it again sailing around the various picturesque bays punctuating the gorgeous coastline of the Italian peninsula.  Races took place recently in Anzio & Nettuno (near Rome), Portoferraio (northeast bay on Isla Elbe) and in Taranto (down south inside the “heel”).

Anzio & Nettuno- Trofeo Roberto Lozzi
After the fifth weekend of sailing, the crew of the Hungarian J/24 JUKE BOXING (Miklòs Rauschenberger, Balmaz Litkey, Tamas Peter, Akos Pecsvaradi, & Tamas Richter) drove fast and sailed smart to be leading the famous Trofeo Roberto Lozzi.

The fleet was treated to good racing despite it being a cod winter day.  There was a residual storm swell from the west of around 4-5 ft (1-1.5m) that was overlaid with a NNW wind of 10-15 kts; making for a confused wave/chop sea state for the drivers.  Nevertheless, the fleet was treated to two more races for their series.

The Provisional results (compiled after the first 8 races) sees the Hungarian JUKE BOX team leading with 11 pts, followed by ITA 447 in second with 19 pts and ITA 358 in third with 24 pts.

"The race course was very gusty as the J/24 crews struggled with the ‘fiocco’ winds,” explained Federico Miccio, crew on JUMPING JACK FLASH. “In addition, with the breeze constantly shifting right and a significant current flowing southeast, meant the J/24 crews were having difficulties judging the starting line. The day started right away with two general recalls; that prompted the race committee to hoist the black flag in the third preparatory.  We opted to go with the jib that gave us greater stability in the big gusts.  This decision combined with going right on the first beat enabled us to take advantage of the shift and finish third in the race behind Spear and the Hungarians.”

J/24s sailing off Taranto, ItalyTaranto- Winter Championship
Unlike their friends to the north in Rome, the J/24 crews down south in Taranto had a beautiful weekend of sailing, with racing hosted by the Sailing Club Ondabuena Academy.

“We were fortunate to have nice conditions to get three races,” explained Chief of the Puglia J/24 fleet- Nino Soriano, helmsman and co-owner of JEBEDEE. “The difficult interpretation of the course, with different pressure zones of wind and frequent changes in direction are what characterized this day.  Apart from the first race, in which they recorded an OCS, Thomas De Bellis Vitti and Elia Masi sailed FIVE FOR FIGHTING fast and dominated the day with two first places in the last two races.  Also having a good performance was Sandro Negro’s DOCTOR J, winner of the first race, and Massimo Ruggiero’s CANARINO FEROCE, taking second in the last two races behind FIVE FOR FIGHTING.”

In the overall standings for the series, FIVE FOR FIGHTING continues to lead the fleet, followed by JEBEDEE in 2nd, DOCTOR J in 3rd, MARBEA (Marcello Bellacicca) in 4th and LITTLE DEVIL (Ferdinand Capobianco) in 5th.

J/24s sailing off Portoferraio, ItalyPortoferraio- Elbe Winter Cup
Henry Gambelunghe’s BE-BEEF continues to lead the Elbe Winter Cup, sailing off Portoferraio on the northeastern coast of the island of Elba.  According the Gambelunghe, “the weather conditions were not the most heartening; the forecast was for up to 25 kts of wind and rain.  But, the crews were not discouraged and at 1030 hrs, the PRO onboard the famous S&S 1971 design WA WA TOO, managed to send us off in two good races.  The wind started out strong, with gusts hitting 25 kts, but it soon diminished after the first two legs of the first race and a light rain, as expected, started to fall.  When we were finished after a wet, but exciting day of sailing on our beautiful bay, all the crews found themselves in front of huge plates of homemade pasta cooked by the President of the Italian Naval League in Portoferraio- Alessandro Schezzini!!  Good pasta and our delicious Italian red wines- fantastico!!”

He went on to say, “Thanks to all, the organization, the jury, and to the Italian Naval League for their supports.  Elba Winter Cup will continue on the Sundays of 19 February and 5 March. The final stage of the championship will be held Sunday, March 19."  For more Italian J/24 sailing information