Monday, March 7, 2016

ALCATEL J/70 CUP Announcement

Alcatel J/70 CUP in Italy(San Remo, Italy)- For the third year, ALCATEL is sponsoring the Italian J/70 series and are calling it the ALCATEL J/70 CUP; it also serves as the Italian’s J/70 National Championship over a series of five regattas from April to September.

ALCATEL-Lucent, a major European and Italian telecommunications firm headquartered in France, will support and promote these events through a new web site (online soon), new video production capabilities, a YouTube channel, with drones for aerial videos, and last but not least, live streaming broadcasted ashore and on the web site for worldwide distribution.

At each of the events, the regatta will provide owners/participants over 5,000 EUR of prizes and gifts offered by ALCATEL, GILL, FITBIT and other sponsor/partners!

On April 2-3rd, the series will kick-off in Monte Carlo, hosted by the famous YC Monaco off their beautiful club facilities on Hercules Harbor.  Then, the series moves on to San Remo, Italy just 25km down the coast to the east.  That event takes place from the 7th to 8th of May in San Remo, hosted by the YC San Remo.  The combination of the two events (Monte Carlo + San Remo) will constitute the SPRING CUP.  The organizers already expect 50 or more boats from 5-6 countries across Europe to attend these two events.

J/70 World Championship- Porto Cervo, Sardinia, ItalyThe third event will be sailed in Porto Cervo (Sardinia, Italy) from June 3rd to 5th and hosted at YC Costa Smeralda.  For those wishing to participate in this event:
  • There will be a few boats available for charter. The are initially reserved for international teams wishing to experience YC Costa Smeralda and the sailing conditions for the 2017 J/70 World Championship in Porto Cervo.
  • For those who want to bring their own boat, there is a special price below 500 EUR for the ferry boat crossing between Genoa and Sardinia
  • Additionally, J/Boats Italy will offer the service to shuttle the boats from Genoa to Sardinia and back for an additional fee of 500 EUR. This way, owners and crews can conveniently fly to the final destination. The YC Costa Smeralda will offer to all J/70 owners an AUDI shuttle service between Olbia Airport and Porto Cervo.
  • We anticipate to transport to Porto Cervo (and back) some 20-25 boats that will meet/race the few boats owned by YC Costa Smeralda already stationed there in the club.
J/70s sailing Lago di GardaThe next event on the five regatta series is the ALPEN CUP; comprised of two regattas will take place in northern Italy on that most famous of Italian lakes- Lago di Garda- expect great “Garda-style” wind and weather conditions!  Act IV is from July 23rd to 24th in Malcesine and hosted by Fraglia Vela Malcesine.  The fifth and final event will be from September 9th to 11th and sailed at Riva del Garda and hosted Fraglia Vela Riva.

The J/70 Italian Class President, Vittorio Di Mauro says, “We hope that our efforts will convince you to COME TO RACE WITH US!  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!  Please do not hesitate to ask for help, we hope you can join us!”   For more ALCATEL J/70 CUP sailing information