Saturday, September 26, 2015

J/111 BLUR Sailing Video- Rolex Fastnet Race

J/111 Blur Fastnet sailing video(Stockholm, Sweden)- As many J sailors know, Peter Gustafsson and his Viking friends in the “friendly confines” of the cool northern Scandinavian summer always look forward to heading “south” (e.g. below the Arctic Circle, so to speak) and invading (a.k.a. joining) their warm-blooded friends in the southern parts of the North Sea and the even warmer English Channel and Irish Sea (someone once told the Vikings the beer is way better down in Ireland!).

Perhaps one of the most difficult and mind-numbing races ever in Fastnet Race history was this year’s edition; with some teams quitting and most staying the course to finish after nearly five days of racing the 600+nm course.  Enjoy Peter’s compendium of photos and video they compiled during the race here (we are sure you will find it quite amusing, entertaining at the very least and, in many respects, eye-opening!):