Sunday, August 17, 2014

J/70s Growing Sailing in Chile!

J/70s sailing in Algarobbo, Chile (Algarobbo, Chile)- Here’s the latest report from Juan Eduardo Reid:  “Things are OK in Chile, the economy slowing down, but the momentum with the J70 is good!  We have six boats in Algarrobo, all in the same yacht club where most of the yachting activity is located in northern Chile.  Also, this is the same yacht club where the J/105 idea start with Mr Seguel, Del Castillo, Gonz├ílez, Gumucio, Rosales and others.

Two J/70s are sailing almost every a little for the upcoming J/70 Worlds in Newport.  It is winter time here, but you can sail nicely some days and two boats sailing and match racing is very nice and good marketing even if there are not to full at this time of the year.

We manage to obtain a sponsorship with Santander Bank, that enables the J/70 fleet to offer free dry-space parking for their boats to the owners until December. We expect five boats for the J/70 class regatta on August 30th!  Should be fun and we hope for a good breeze!