Sunday, April 6, 2014

J/88 Sailing The Netherlands

J/88 sailing in The Netherlands (Grevelingen, The Netherlands)-  Just recently, Wessel van der Wef was incredibly excited to go sailing their new J/88.  Said Wessel, “our first little regatta, first part of the day we trained some, doing boat-handling and tested the upwind speed. Then we had some training regatta together with J/92s.  Finally, we where at first at the upper mark, and down wind much faster, but that is as it should be.

What we learned- still a lot to learn, we need to be faster on the boat and learn all the boat-handling and get used to each other on the J/88, and get used to the J/88 itself!”  Check out some of the J/88 sailing videos below.
First Day Sail off Drimmelen
J/88 Sail-Training video
J/Boats Benelux Presents J/88 sailing video