Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sailors, Middies and “What Does the Fox Say”?!

the fox(Annapolis, MD)- So, who is it to say that talent can’t be developed from the most remarkably goofy and crazy places amongst our friends and families around the world?  OK, well not exactly AMERICAN IDOL, this crew at the US Naval Academy (along with help from their USNA Sailing Team) certainly have sufficient creative and innovative production capabilities to pull off one of the better take-offs from the wildly popular, remarkably viral, “music video” known worldwide as “What does the fox say”.  For your weekend amusement, you have to see the original and the US Naval Academy “derivative” music video— perhaps one of the best “take-offs” ever (other than an F-18 catapult off a US Navy nuclear aircraft carrier!!).   The original Finland production of “What Does the Fox Say”?  The US Naval Academy Un-Official Sailor Middies Production   (Editor’s Note- we do not know anyone in this video).