Sunday, November 17, 2013

J/111 PIRANHA Speed Sailing on Baltic Sea

J/111 sailing offshore(Baltic Sea, Germany)-  The Piranha Department of Autobahn Speed presents its latest small cruise of the season 2013.  Crazy Germans are we?!  You bet.  We LOVE sailing as fast as we can drive our cars (your basic Porsche, BMW or Mercedes) down the Autobahn in Germany, especially in the sinuous, windy curves of the famous Black Forest. 

Nevertheless, we digress!  Recently, we had the opportunity to hop aboard the PIRANHA and take here “for a cruise” in the Baltic Sea, just your cool breeze howling out of the Northeast with 1-2.5 meter breaking waves and winds around 7 m/sec— really just your average small gale.  It was a spectacular day of sailing for the PIRANHA crew!  Record speed: 22.64 knots!!  Yah!  We are still learning how to sail this speedster faster.  Any tips for us??  Please see our J/111 PIRANHA website to contact us.  Here’s the sailing video of the J/111 PIRANHA on “cruise-control” in the Baltic Sea.