Sunday, September 15, 2013

J/80 CRUSADER sailing video

J/80 sailing- off Lahaina, Hawaii offshore (Lahaina, Hawaii)- The J/80 CRUSADER is sailing the Lahaina Return Race off Hawaii.  That means sailing across the channel in 15-25 kt winds and well over 10-15 ft seas! 

As they were getting ready for this weekend's 2013 Lahaina Return Race from Lahaina, Maui to Waikiki, Oahu and the CRUSADER gang felt they should put up their video from last year's race as a reminder of their goal-- to exceed the max speed 17.5 knots again!!  Come one, come all!  They LOVE this race!  Who wouldn't?! 

Have to put this one on the "bucket list", too!  Downwind the whole way-- J/70s, J/88s, J/111s, even J/24s (the original "sportster" in 1977-- remember masthead rigged 1/4 tonners?  Ouch.)!  Awesome sailing.  Soon, we hope. ;)