Sunday, September 15, 2013

Classic J/34 IOR Sailing Fast, Again!

J/34 IOR sailboat- sailing upwind (Detroit, MI)- Brett Langoff- is a proud new owner of a classic J/34 IOR 3/4 ton boat from the late 1980s! A very pretty, classic boat like the old J/41 IOR one-ton design.  Here's Brett's comments: "I thought you would enjoy this picture, our first weekend out on our newly purchased J/34 IOR boat.  We bought it from the original owner 3 weeks ago.  First time out with the family, daughters 3 & 5 years old and we race the boat!  The family was all over it for a 16 mile PHRF race and we won!  As the former owner of a J/24, a J/30 and now a J/34 IOR boat, please keep up the great work and designs!"  Cheers, Brett.  We LOVE these testimonials!  Great to see the J/34 IORs having a great time.  Please keep these stories coming.  :)