Saturday, June 29, 2013

J/125 DOUBLE TROUBLE 4-Peats Spinnaker Cup!

J/125 Double Trouble sailing San Francisco Bay- Farallones Island RaceDT and J/111 AEOLUS Dominate Farallones Race
(San Francisco, CA)- Looking at the success of Peter Krueger and Andy Costello's J/125 DOUBLE TROUBLE, one is reminded of other sporting achievements that are roughly parallel to their efforts.  For example, Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls were a pretty tough group with a supporting cast like Scottie Pippen and 3 pt gunners John Paxson and Steve Kerr.  "Da Bulls" are now celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first three-peat as NBA World Champions.  Then, they had a "repeat three-peat"?!  An un-paralleled achievement in sport, anywhere.  Winning sailboat races is never easy, particularly offshore with a few zillion variables tossed in for good measure and boats often going to extremes to win (e.g. hitting corners).  So, to win a race, any race or regatta four times in a row is pretty special-- the DT gang are basking in "rare air" standing tall atop the Spinnaker Cup Race podium and savoring yet another sweet victory for the record books.

Three-peat winners- Chicago Bulls basketball- like four-peaters Double Trouble J/125 sailboat!Said Andy after their victory, "We finished up our 4th overall Spin Cup victory in good shape. I think we corrected out 45 minutes in front of the next boat. We also ended up beating the RP 45 Criminal Mischief boat-for-boat! We passed them down wind in 30 plus knots of breeze thru Monterey Bay. Our GPS track had us clocked at over 25 knots of boat speed for over a minute. We averaged over 17 knots for last 35 miles of the race. The 125 is a wicked design!"

Andy goes on to say, "We just sailed around the Farallones Island in the 58 nm Round Farallones Race.  Incredibly, it looks like it's good for back to back wins in it! Here are few shots of us hovering at 20 knots under the Golden Gate Bridge for the finish!"  The DT gang again eclipsed the "criminals" on the RP 45 by over forty-five minutes on corrected time to take both PHRF 1 Class honors as well as overall PHRF honors!

Also sailing a terrific Farallones Race was the J/111 AEOLUS sailed by Rob Theis from Santa Barbara YC.  Rob and crew managed to finish in second place in PHRF 2 and take fifth overall in PHRF on their first major offshore outing!  They managed to beat some downwind flyers like a Quest 33, Hobie 33, Farr 36 and an very experienced Express 37 crew.  Sailing photo credit-    For more J/125 DOUBLE TROUBLE sailing information - Spinnaker Cup   Round Farallones Race sailing information