Tuesday, June 25, 2013

J/111 Breaking 20+ Kts Off Marstrand

J/111 speedo - Blur.se going 20+ knots! (Marstrand, Sweden)- Peter Gustafsson and crew aboard BLUR.SE went out for their training session in May on the northwestern Baltic Sea on a grey, steely day with winds blowing just 20-26 kts.  Many other boats were out practicing prior to the first race weekend of the season-- most were having great difficulty controlling their boats, most broaching wildly.  The J/111 crew on BLUR.SE simply went about their training session like a "walk in the park on Sunday morning", effortlessly gybing several times (see their technique in the video) and planing up to 20.26 kts on their GPS/ speedo!  Watch this YouTube video of the J/111 BLUR.SE.

Similarly, the J/111 #17 sailed by Dorian McKelvy has been out sailing quite actively and are also having a great time with their boat.  Here is their first regatta video on YouTube.com-